Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tenth Post.

I really need to stretch, everything feels stiff.
That's not the best way to start off a new post.

Hello everyone! I don't get why I rarely hem any of my pants. They are an inch or two longer than they need to be, because apparently no one makes pants that are for my height. Yesterday I had the priviledge of tripping over my own pants and slammed into the fridge. Good news: Good shoulder hit the fridge, bad shoulder was spared the agony. Bad news: Now I have two shoulders in pain. Sigh. -_-

I had a long and early morning (yesterday, technically) of working my ass off and shifting back and forth awkwardly at strangers trying to talk to me. I did not like it. It was weird. The first thing out of my mouth was "I'm a basement child and am socially inept. Beware." I shit you not. The guy kind of just stared at me and I just stared at him until he got over it. I had nothing to say. Nosy people. Stop poking at me, I'm not some rare breed that crawled out from beneath a rock. I don't want you to pry at my shell then run your greasy fingers through my mental layers. Takes forever to clean that shit. Either way, I was basic questions, I answered with basic answers. Nice to be noticed, I guess other people would want me to think like. Personally, I like shadows. Easier to stalk people. Don't have to wear a mask and pretend to do somethin entirely different. God, I treat people like subjects sometimes.

Someone there peeved me, not directly or personally. It was more of the lack of understanding and/or just listening in general. I get it, people make mistakes. I fuck up all the time. But not bringing the materials you need, that cost you nothing, or not following instructions, that's ridiculous. The woman was clear, told everyone three times over. All you did was delay shit and made my anxiety peak. I think I creeped those around me out trying to breathe to just calm the hell down from yelling something absurd through-out the room. Anger management might be needed here. Blah. Can't help it right now, last week, this week, and most of next week will be stressful. I think I'll try some short prose pieces to vent some frustration and the oncoming rage.

On top of that my mind kept playing over me standing over some random stranger who was just made spur of the moment for me to release my wrath upon and strangling the crap out of him. Ughs. Settling down through violence is much easier and less of a toll on this ones mind. Just daydreaming about feeling another's pulse fading and feeling as their bodies slowly deflate is relaxing. Don't bitch, folks. I may be sincere in helping people but I am just as sincere in my interest in the darker nature of humanity. Exploring both sides of the coins makes you understand what it means.

---Heh. Peter Griffin teaching Sex Ed. That's just awful. Teaching anyone sex I do not recommend, so painfully hilarious awkward.

Distraction. Yes. I write how I think, mostly, which means distractions will be included.

My head hurts. I think I'm going to go meditate and probably pass out while doing so.

Oh dark figure that keeps creeping about, get the fuck out or I'll stain my carpet with your insides. And it's a relatively new carpet, so... I'm going to be doubly pissed at one more thing that needs to be cleaned up in here.

Hooray, back to the usual rambling text and death threats! Still nothing. I saw him idly around a bit, but nothing productive, just like this blog post. See, you do poorly and I do poorly. The audience will not be happy, no, no, no. Throw me a bone--- No. I am not even finishing that. Throw me something to work with here, Sunshine Proxy. Till then, my attention will be directed on others, so you just standing there isn't going to do anything.
Seriously, though. Get out of my house for the week. I'm about ready to flip a bitch and go commando.

Meh. I am hoping for an anonymously violent dream tonight to get through the rest of the week with.
To the creativity chamber, awaaaaaaay!

Stop staring at me like that,

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