Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seventh Post.

Sigh. I feel like such a blog whore posting so quickly again. I guess since this is my only source of releasing all the pent up frustrations and thoughts in my head it makes sense, no?

So I went and took a picture of the rock. Wait, no, I took about 3245678756432 pictures which all came out blurry or just fucked up. I don't know why, my digital camera might not be the best, but it never screws up like that. I fiddled with different lighting, the flash on the camera. Got one decent one at least. I'll post it at the bottom. It is a very basic Heart Rock, from what I've noticed. A lot of the ones we have here at home fit the same appearance, course' it's not the exact same shape. What I mean is, one side looks like a heart, the other side looks more like a triangle. We have a couple that are full on heart shaped front and back, but a majority of them are alike to this one I found white open.

Anyways. It was suggested to me that I go and look around outside, or where I was in general to see if this guy left anything else. I didn't find anything though. Checked the porch, under the chair, where I was raking, by the couch. Nothing. So I don't really know what to say to that, maybe I am relieved? I think I am more confused. This all just seem random.

I'm tired. Went to bed at 5:00-5:30 A.M. and kept waking up. I was having an amusing dream with some villains having a sunglasses party and watching a bunch of heroes fight off their minions. Don't. Fricking. Ask. I don't know. It was hilarious though. Like, seriously... It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long while. But a sudden feeling washed over me that just jolted me out of observing the dream itself. It is weird, I was observing, and as the dream went on I became more aware, I could move how I wanted to move and say what I wanted to say. Then I just felt like I was being pulled, stretched though it didn't appear so, it just felt that way, and right as I snapped back together the entire dream broke. It fractured into millions of pieces and a figure was breaking through it. It was suddenly just the two of us in this empty black place, completely vacant, hollow, unfeeling. Right below my wrist this guy held on tight, it nearly felt like my bone was about to snap under the pressure of his grip. I was practically dangling within this nothingness, even when knowing there was a place for me to put my feet down on I just couldn't. I know who this one is. I recognized him as I have been these last few months since first meeting him. It wasn't the dipshit from before, whose faces I could not see. I could this one, though it was covered by one of those proxy masks of white. But I knew who it was, not why, or how. It's just really fucked up how when ever this guy does something, leaves me a message/comment or updates his stuff I always have some brief moment in the dream, completely different from the rest of it, with just him. Every. Single. Time.

Honestly, a few months ago I just laughed it off. I tipped back to thinking I was just, you know, being crazy. My imagination was playing tricks. Or even that my subconscious was saying something. But after a while, when I am sleeping and I wake up to find new stuff or what not from him, it really starts to make me think this coincidence is something more. Or just something different. I don't know. As per-usual, I never fucking know.

Anyways, the guy nearly broke my wrist/forearm and talked in broken sentences, fire, rage, my own anger was mentioned, and hunger or something. Blood. You know, things that aren't really pretty. Then again, I never was one for flowers and chocolate (I had to put in a lame pun, get over it). Promptly after that he threw me like a rag doll, though still holding onto me, into some invisble black wall. I felt crushed but ended up falling through the other side or something because I literally ended up right back into my original dream with the sunglasses party. Like nothing ever happened.

I'm not listing names. Again, I will be keeping people anonymous unlses it's something truly vital multiple people need to hear. I don't know, the dude might know who he is, he might not. I'm kind of tired of the cryptic bullshit I'm getting from a black faceless proxy, and now this masked fellow. I don't mind my dreams being interrupted if it's for something productive, but you know... Having my arm snapped in two (nearly) or being flung into a non-existent wall isn't my idea of a good time. If that is the best you can dance than please, let me fricking lead, I think I can do a fraction of a better job.
No, actually, I hate dancing. Well, I never learned how to.
<--- Fails at womanhood.
Hey, shut the fuck up, you^.

Look, comment or don't, I don't care. If you're aware you are doing this just calm the hell down for the next one. Maybe revert back to your standing still for like, ten minutes doing nothing. Though, I'd prefer actually HEARING something, or seeing it. But whatever, I never really get what I want, boo. Just let me tell you I'm a rough girl, keep this up and I will pause what I am trying to accomplish and punch you in the face--mask--whatever. But thanks for not grabbing my bad arm, guess you did one this right.
If you don't know you're running into my dreams at these convient times than you need to check yourself, check your head, check whoever else. Because bub, you have been, it's really creepy. Especially when you're in my personal space breathing all heavily behind a mask, like in one of those earlier ones. Just saying, I'm just saying.
Either way, I don't know why I'm getting the visits, or dreaming of you either the night/early morning before you actually say/do something, it confuses me, I feel like I should be on medication for it. So if you know you are doing this, Mister I'm Not Saying Your Name In Public, I think it is time to talk about it. I'd prefer to do it here, you know, in messages on my channel since it's usually a 50/50 chance at whether or not I am in control of my dreams. Unless you make that happen or something, I don't know, if so go ahead, but I might still think I am crazy and will probably try and think of another reason why this is going on in my head. So you're safer just doing it here. But if you ARE aware, as I keep saying, just come on already. It's been months, dear.

I laced this with a lot of snark, sorry. I had to just to keep at ease considering who this guy is. I have only told one person this out of the months that passed. I figured it is time to post it, considering the timing lined up perfectly again. I would of posted this earlier if not for my need to spam funny videos and then run around the tiny house 2356643324 times checking all the doors and windows, among other things. Huffff.

I guess it is technically a good thing it wasn't about that black faceless proxy bastard, least this is someone I am more familiar with. So even if they do give me some shudders I'd rather have this guy's company over the others.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. Wheeeee.
It's funny how I usually never talk more than a paragraph in a day but here it's ten times more. Oh yoooou, you guys... You're crazy fun. ;D

Picture down below:

See, basic heart rock. Nothing special after from the fact it came from a creepy fellow that keeps doing awful shit to me in my sleep. Possibly the same one from my childhood. Yep. I really don't like you, you're a jerk. You know what I do with jerks? I beat them with a frying pan then throw em' on the grill to burn.

But I don't eat them. I just let the animals in the woods do that. Got to feed the herd(s). Muahaha!

Anyways, I'm ending this blog for tonight. Amazing, right? It's not even 11:00 P.M. and I've written a blog. You guys must be so proud of me... I can feel your love!
Or is that hate? I can't tell anymore, feelings just kind of blend into being blaaah. XD

If there are typos I don't care. Not in the mood to check my own grammar.

Right-o. I'm out.


P.S.: Has anyone seen my fucking knife?! I still can't find it.


  1. P.S.S.: Wow. That is one shitty picture. I tried to brighten it up. Major fail. I don't know why my camera couldn't get a clear one of it. You can barely see the curve at the top due to the angle I was taking it at. I might try for another later during the day. See how that works in the sunlight.

    Ok, now I'm done with this blog.


  2. ...I have no idea. I actually never checked to see what sort of rock it was. That WOULD be something smart to do now. -_-