Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Blog.

I am willing to say it. I do not know what is to come, I cannot predict the future. At best, I can just take guesses. I'm seeing a lot of people being absorbed into this event that is going on. This horrible struggle between what we think we know and what we do not. People are scared, there are quite a few making it worse, but there are a handful who are trying to help. I suppose, despite the small numbers, it should count as something, eh?

To be honest I am writing this out of concern. I'll explain why.

I've been writing since I was a child. In many eyes I am still a child, to myself at times even. Everything that has hit the paper, the documents typed upon my computer, it has always been about the struggles beings face. The constant battle between the good of them and the bad. Positives and negatives of people, no matter their race, species, etc., have always been important to me. Revealing the good, but as well as showing there is the bad, the darkness that lurks within. Dormant in many, some are engulfed.

I don't know about any of you, but I've often questioned the basis of humanity. Story-telling is all about the characters and plot, there is a lot of psychology and behavioral studies that goes into it. Not just research on the topic you're doing. Humanity as a whole is divided up and looked upon differently by a person’s perspective. It's sort of like the good and evil version, where the hero believes the antagonist is evil while the antagonist believes the hero is evil. The villain could know they are doing something negative, but sees the hero as the villain in return for trying to interrupt. Matter of opinion, where the third party has to choose and decide just which party they belong to. As well as be accepted by that party itself, should they want to be accepted?

Would you be someone who would be blinded, sucked into denial and unable to see just what path you were walking? Or would you be aware, on the ball and judgmental over both parties? Who would you be, how you would be defined, it is all about individualism and perspective that navigates us to our choices. The experiences we gain through the choices we make. Ones friends and family may even be surprised to see. Others defining their own individual selves on their own, without relying upon others for help or looking to them for acceptance in the answers they have chosen. Defined whether you will be sitting next to your best friend, whom you whole heartedly believe you know, and will force you to look upon them and see that they perhaps did not make the same choices as you thought they would. As you hoped they would.

I always found it kind of silly how the person we see nearly every day face to face is someone we really don't know as well as we think. We're subjected to believe those we love, those that are familiar to us, hold no secrets. We are surprised to learn that those same people are riddled with mysteries we knew nothing of; we become offended, insulted, and hurt by such. It's a cycle that is always repeating and quite frankly makes me sick. How do you build a relationship, by seeing the flaws, the gaps, and form an understanding for them.

The choices you make are just as important as your actions. People can lie, they can lie very well. Everyone is a hypocrite, and if they deny it they are even more of a liar. But making a choice is much more than just saying a lie. Especially when actions follow right after.

I've been constantly absorbed within this spiral of information. The majority of it I know, another chunk of it I was refreshing my mind upon, the remaining bits I was learning more of. It really never bugs me to study psychology or behavioral studies, the effects emotions has on judgment and ones outward persona. Logic vs. emotions has always been a concept I've loved. How there is an equal pull between them both, how one governs the other. I've done a bunch of projects where it's been applied to the theories of good vs. evil, and how perspectives and opinions judge the place the person belongs. It's not a simple black and white, by far, there are more shades of gray than I can even count. There has to be, I've come to realize over the years, since I am of gray.

It's interesting to read about the point of views from the heroes and villains, they are usually so one sided my fascination dwindles down to nothing. It's normally the persona of the said characters I am acknowledging, be them fiction or non-fiction. What people debate over is why they like the hero, because he or she is righteous and just, because the hero demands the evil to quit and leave, be it by force (as per-usual) or through the power of verbal communication (deals, bargains, intelligent conversations, etc.). Then people hate on the villains for being evil and cruel. They stop there, being shallow as they are to see what basics are shown and lack any real understanding of the true character and their motives. There is a history behind every person, what makes a villain a villain is what makes a hero a hero. The thing is, a villain can just as easily be a hero in someone else’s perspective, the third party, the minions, the followers, any loyalists to him or her would see them as such for the most part. The hero would be considered the villain to them, for trying to stop them, harm their leader. Perspectives govern opinions that lead us to choosing which side we will be upon, who we will seek to assist, befriend, love, and so on and so forth.

You have for instance the villains that have a lover; you see the ones that lust for a mistress of some sort. And then you see the ones with a wife, or something of equal importance. A villain with an actual love connection to someone or even something for that matter. The idea that evil doesn't love is false, because evil is based more on actions than it has ever been emotions. We are more prone to judging actions than personas, which is why when we see movie villains are usually instantly disliked. Why? Because all they see is the villain doing harm, and lacking any real or deep insight to the actual behavior of said villain. I am not throwing aside the fact evil comes from the depths of a person. Or consumes someone who may not even want it. I'm saying we are more prone to seeing actions done first before understanding the being performing the actions. We ask hollow "whys?" or wait until the tale develops further to tell us. We don't look to learn for ourselves.

I understand the fact there as villains that are true antagonists. Those that want to light the world on fire, watch the people burn into ashes and fade away within the breeze as if they never existed. I know very well, because I craft a majority of those kinds of villains. But it doesn't apply to every single one; you can't define one individual like that. There are too many people, which is another reason to detest stereotypes.

Some villains have started out like anyone else, "normal", average, just another human being. Then they are taken, tainted, corrupted by something we cannot explain. Not yet at least. People choose sides all over again, they don't seek to learn. They don't seek to even care, just play a game, just watching it. It's not right! You can't, you can't just fucking treat those you designate as a hero and villain as idols and nothing more. You have to be able to share words, learn about them, hear them, and SEE them for who they are. What they were, what they have become. If they are hurting in any way you ask if they are alright just like you would do to any fellow human being. Titles are titles that we give ourselves that we give others. We become intimidated by these titles and there-fore lack taking any form of action.

Do you know what Slender Man is, people? It's a title we have given a creature, a being we can only theorize about. There is an identity in there somewhere, waiting to be found out. This struggle, this battle, whatever it is there are people involved. Beings that we may know little about but that doesn't mean they don't have names, they don't have identities as well. Just like us, people. Come on, we have identities. We are people, living and breathing with our own minds and our own free will. Why the hell would any of you let that be taken from you? Aren't you the ones that complain about rules, about lacking freedom despite where you live? Yet when something comes along that means to do you harm you gladly allow your free will to vanish. Stop that. Stop it right now, people. You're being ridiculous. Where the hell is your humanity? Your fight? Your stubbornness to survive? Get up off your asses and get fighting already. Work your mind; protect what is valuable to you and stop being so afraid.

But... Before you take your action, learn. Listen up now, because this is the most important thing. Learn your enemy, your ally, your leader, whoever the hell you consider these people to be. Don't be shallow, don't hide because if you're reading this you're probably already a part of it. Take the time to learn those apart of this struggle. Ask the questions that are absurd. What, you think this will make it personal? Isn't it already? I don't see why you're hesitating now.

My concern, as I mentioned all the way up there, is this. The struggle, the people. I've met some people in this that are decent, that are victims, but are just horrible. Those that are allowing themselves to become corrupted. I have spoken with less than a handful of the ones portrayed as bad, and while still confused to some degrees; do not believe them to be bad. Corrupted, they cannot see past the darkness clouding their face. Mostly it seems due to a certain tall man. Does it make them bad to act on his behalf? No. A lot of them are doing so because there know nothing else, out of fear, or because they were broken into submission.

It's going to sound cheesy and incredibly hypocritical coming from me. But hey, I'm a hypocrite, so are you, get over it. We contradict ourselves all the time. But, you know, I see people and I immediately learn of the bad of them, their flaws, I see all the negatives before I see the positives most of the time. I see the few that are breaking through and breathing in fresh air from the darkness that is trying to swallow them. I see you. I don't know how many others do as well, but I see you.

I'm writing this because I was going to anyways. But I decided to rush it on after today. After I saw an act that I was not expecting by one that is revered with fear. If this taints the name you have given yourself, my apologies. But there is no other way to address you. This is not directly at you, but for the others as well in your position, and those fighting for Him.

MyDarkJournal, I appreciate everything. Your time especially. I respect you. I thank you for giving me your kindness and removing yourself from my existence. I do not know why you did so, if it was because I showed you kindness before or not but it doesn't matter. It is not ok. Your actions do not make it ok, do not make it better. In fact, it's unfair to everyone involved to do so. I will bear any consequences with them, as a whole. I want to. I refuse to stop watching, stop following, I will still be here.
The thing is, MyDarkJournal, the mere fact you gave me an ounce of kindness proves you aren't gone. There is still something worth saving in you. I apologize ahead of time for interferences in the future, but I am not going to just disappear. You mine as well just undo what you did, because despite my sincerest appreciation I cannot accept your kindness. Not now, but thank you anyways.
I'm not going anywhere. We may not speak ever again, unfortunately, but I'm still watching; waiting.

I mean what I say there, too. Even if the rest of the population or those involved in this mind me out of my mind for doing so. Ignorant it may be, the mere fact I am concerned that is, but I refuse to be shallow and not look deeper into you all. To everyone else, everything else out there, I see you too. I will see you. You all concern me, though. How you lost your willpower, your minds. If you're strong enough to induce fear into people, why aren't you strong enough to fight it? Why aren't you fighting? I wish I knew the answers; maybe I could be of more use in this struggle rather than just some onlooker with opinions, heh. But I'm trying, adapting, learning. None of you lack hope yet, there is a way towards freedom, you just need to keep seeking it out while I, or We all do it for you as well. Perhaps we can meet on middle ground soon enough and get you all freed.

The point of this is to hopefully make some of you apart of this see that no matter what side you are on you can do something about it. That the people who scare you or the ones you seek aid from as just like you, just with a bit more of an advantage. One that will and can be shared with you. Stop treating them as idols or leaders; treat them like your fellow humans already. They are still there, if we give up now we’re just throwing away one of our own.

I don’t know, still. That’s just my rant, my words and my opinions. Call me whatever you want. Do whtever you want. Listen or don't, you read this for a reason, didn't you?
Like I said in the introductory blog, I’m done hiding, done staying silent, done just watching. This is the time to take action, and I’m doing what I can for those that have become lost to even themselves.

Now what the fuck are you going to do about it?

The one who rambles on as always,


  1. Sincerity is nothing to shame yourself for
    Some do not wish for aid despite their need for it
    Pursue them you mortal
    Prove your purity within the darkness

  2. ___________________________
    Just to be clear, since I commented on this to your page:

    I reject your claims I am anything related to being pure, despite you claiming it is my actions that are. Thanks for your attempt to comfort, Veil.

    But I'm going after all of them. Every single one of them, from the lesser known to the well known, the most threatening to the lesser threatening. If they break free but wish to go back on their own free will, fine, but they at least deserve a moment to fucking breathe and choose for themselves.

  3. it would feel such pain for you.
    not safe. no salvation.
    itss bargain stands and no thing may part that accord. alwayss here. thiss flesh rotss and thiss mind decayss but eventually, you all will go away and it will still be here. with us.
    alwayss here.
    suffer thiss Aspect, itss mortal woe but remainss alwayss remainss.
    i will gladly show you what we shall do, meat. come and see.
    chaoss iss only the beginning.

  4. Nothing should feel pain for me. Flesh rots like the mind, like souls if left to. Not all of us will go like you say, my dear.

    I will come, I will see. If chaos is only the beginning then I will adapt.