Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fourteenth Post.

Ahhh... I can't believe I stayed up to like, four in the morning on Easter night. Ahhh... What was I thinking?! Already tired out from my young cousins, why do I do this to myself? Can't I just stalk information during normal hours?

<--- Insert face into keyboard here, please.

Anyways... Hi, hello. How was your Easter, my dears? Yes, yes, that is splendid. Mine was rather eventful. Watched my two cousins start a food fight out back, was amusing, practiced baseball-- or sorry, softball, with them as well. Was interrupted most of the time by a new proxy, how rude. I feel like I'm going to regret hooking my phone up to it so I can keep up to date on everything, this just means the ignorant and enemies can be in 24/7 contact. I get that I go to bed at six in the morning at the latest, if I have to wake up at seven in the morning due to my phone announcing I have a new email I'll be pissed. I would turn my phone on silent, but due to some people who may have emergencies I cannot.

Pause on the Easter talk, something else must be explained first:

Interesting bit going on here. So it's been raining a lot here. April showers, that little saying doesn't lie. All month it has been soaking wet. Storm every week. Two this week. It looked like a third tonight. I don't know, though, we'll have to see. The point of this is because a few fellows seem to believe the storms are connected. At first I suspected weather related, which soon began to branch of to metaphorically storms. Which makes sense considering certain things. But the references to weather related occurrences within storms themselves are making me think back to the weather. Also, pardon my lack of making sense. My mind is in ramble mode, the information is scattered upon this topic and there-fore my writing will not be as organized. It will probably take a bit to sort it out, by bit I mean days due to this subject (with them) being so limited on information in the exact point I am trying to make. Had to say that real quick because I already feel like this post is going to be shit with my current state of mind. In any case, back to the second point (first being about Easter, but that's on pause) I was trying to make... It is seemed to be believed that something will occur when storms appear, lightning and the works. A Twitter post made me believe further so on this. So now I am curious as to the connections that are formed here.

I thought then maybe it is due to the amount of energy formed during a storm, more specifically, a thunderstorm. It's difficult to place this into context when my head is filled with illustrations (visual mind) on how it could work. I'm trying, grabbed my head so many times today trying to sort the information out my hair is now more of a mess than it usually is. Puff levels have been raised to the extreme (I'll give you a cupcake if you get where that is from).

Frick. Frick. Frickity frick.

Ok. Let me put this bluntly. If the theory on Slender Man being linked to the storm demon (whose name I can't remember how to spell worth shit at the moment) is valid, than the storms themselves might have more purpose than meets the eye. Rather than just the basic destruction we get, that it. Thunderstorms specifically build up a lot of energy, ok, not just a lot. Insane amounts of energy. I haven't studied weather since social studies and science class during middle school, bear with me here. Lightning specifically creates bursts of energy within the already formed mass. These bursts pretty much just expand in general. You could find pictures just by looking it up on the internet on how big the bursts can be. The Gamma Rays and Particle Beams are impressive to look at during lightning strikes. In any case, this brought on a few ideas which my brain started creating a web of connections for.

I've gone through a lot of fictional stories, from science fiction to fantasy, I've crossed through so many categories over the years. My brain has pulled out all the uses related to those things, picked them apart, and kept the ones that seemed to be of use. We have, for instance, purposes of travel via lightning. Considering the burst of energy the lightning could be a form of transportation, the burst combined with the already gathered energy from the cloud could provide enough for dimensional travel. At first I did not like this idea for the amount of energy necessary to pry open a rift or portal was extraordinary by the theory's standards. But if we start collaborating by pulling together others experiences, others own information and theories we start to see it as a possibility. An ex. proxy has stated that he used to use dimensional travels much like Slender Man did.

We also have Time Dilation where time within the storm could differ from those outside of the storm. This could also explain some time differences others experience, and be a way as to how people disappear for periods of time. For a very blunt explanation I went to Wikipedia and pulled this quote (which I love as an example):  "I see your clock ticking slower than mine. Therefore, you'll see my clock ticking faster than yours". Get it? Got it? Good.

Containment, a method that could work with the prior as well. The storm could act as its own prison to whatever is within. Whether the one containing the object(s) is from within or on the outside.

Did I say energy? Why yes... Yes I did. This will tie in, just give me a second. Slender Man makes proxies, yes? They come in ranks. We see they have altered states, and with them come their own few talents. He puts into them something either of himself or his gathered energy. It works like a savings account, you make the investment and get monthly interest. He gives to them and they return with interest. We have the buildup of energy already, whether it is used for transportation or not would currently be uncertain for this theory. There are the factors of energy, (static) electricity, and magnetic forces at work during a storm to consider. We currently are seeing a lot of mentions referring to the Wilde Jagd, which is German for Wild Hunt. By pictures alone we see symbolism to this army of sorts acting as a storm, bearing down upon its prey below. If you haven't guessed the Wild Hunt is just that, a hunt (or chase). With a few mentioning to "watch for the storm" this theory may fit more closely, the others being branches perhaps of what this storm is capable of. It is unknown whether or not all proxies are given the chance to join this hunt, this storm. So far it sounds like a selective group is, which makes me think more along the lines of an Elite group. One that is released during the storm, what this group does is still uncertain. Death could factor in highly. My friend Mystery posted just recently (Post #14 as well; I suggest you read it for a better image) that when a life is unnaturally ended it releases a sudden burst of energy. He also goes on to state that higher spiritual entities can harvest that energy. So what occurs when "sacrifices" or unnatural deaths occur during a storm, built up of energy already, and where minions murder for the energy to give as interest to their master? How that transfer occurs is uncertain as well. It could be the minions take it themselves and have it removed, as if they were just a vessel for the energy temporarily. Or the storm created takes it. Perhaps He automatically gets it. It is unknown, suggestions are welcomed.

Slender Man is currently a walking source of energy. He's been gaining and building upon it for years, finding new ways to inherit more and more. That alone is harmful to humans to be near. This leads to Electromagnetic Radiation topic, boys and girls. What are some of the first signs we see in the new victims? Illness? Behavioral changes? Sleeping problems? Bodily functions gone to shit? Perhaps your skinny friend over there is not telling you something. All that energy doesn't just stay absorbed, it is seeping out. He's not like us, dears. If he consists of mass amounts of energy there is no doubt he could be infecting his prey. I dislike imagining that we are all being exposed to harmful radiation, but the possibility is there and threatening.

Energy is one of the main factors here.

Play: Back to Easter. At grandparents, huge storm from nowhere. Cue the lightning. Cue the thunder. Cue the down pour. Cue me shitting a brick after having been told to watch for the storm. Not cool, gents, not cool. My family thought me to have gone back to crazytown when I kept doing rounds around the house. I went outside to pack up the cars, went with others when they left to make sure all was alright on their way out. You guys are jerks. I just want to make that clear. Making me all paranoid, and huffy. Shame on you, dears, shame on you. I stayed up that night just listening, and talking to another. Went to bed with my scissors beneath my pillow (because my knife is STILL missing, you asshole!). Went into a deep sleep, woke up with my hair every which way. Big surprise. I don't think anything happened, unless I was just stared at during my sleep I think I was pretty much alright. Second storm I have survived without incident. Great. Now I'm going to be counting how many I live through. Like I said, my dear, dear Operators, you are not very nice to make me go to those lengths.

I've been hammering away at this blog for hours and it's still short as hell. Stupid research. Stupid brain is stupid. I'm just going to end it here. I'd like to give credit to Mystery for helping me organize the ideas, and/or bouncing them off him. Also would like to thank an outside source to this, Terminus, who helped with the Electromagnetic Radiation idea and its effects, and listened to my huffing while organizing this all.

So much for no names, eh?

Alright darlings, it's bordering 6:00 A.M. and I must scurry. I don't care how unprofessional it is of me but I am not editing this thing. Too tired. I don't want to even look at it anymore. GOODNIGHT.

Stay safe.

Smartssery Expert out,


  1. Imkhullu was the demon, though I have found many other names since making that video.

    And there may be a lot of energy in a storm, but there's too much of it for any one, or a dozen, people to contain. That means it's energy you can use too. Energy does whatever it is told to do; you only have to direct it with your will.

  2. True. But not many are aware of that and those that are may not know how to.