Friday, September 23, 2011

The Attack.

I need to pay more attention to this place and stop posting when it's significant. Fucks sake. I've been working my ass off between the orderly and tending to affairs around the mansion, then the attack... Sigh. Also, Victor's story is still being done, I haven't stopped there.

I just need to breathe but it's difficult, especially with the way everything is as of now. Even before the attack things were a bit tense, I left very early in the morning. I went to the one place I can't breathe at all to try and solve it. The cemetery. I visited Billy, it was a... Nice morning, yea. Picked some flowers, tied them together with some wire from the tool kit. I really don't see much point in laying flowers, they just wither and die anyways, but it's tradition, right? And Billy loved traditions. He cherished them, I guess it rubbed off some. I've been thinking of getting back into contact with Joshua and maybe Smiles. Maybe. With the way shit is looking you know it might not hurt. But then I just mock myself and laugh at how pitiful that is, how selfish it would be.

"Look at what happened the last time a friend was brought into the fray."

The Caged One mentioned such. I felt myself half smile at the reminder. Fuck this life.
It would be selfish. I'm selfish but not that much. I sat back next to his grave and mused over where I am in life now. Let's look at it together, shall we?
Executor despises me.
Prosper is trying to skin me alive.
Road Runner is trying to make me a murderer and is willing to sacrifice and murder those I care for just to fuel that fire.
My family doesn't register I've been gone all this time, they don't pay much attention. Not that they did before. It's ridiculous that it bothers me, even if it's the slightest fraction.
My adopted family whom I presently am living with I can barely protect, maybe I'm just too fucked up to do much, I don't know. You can't protect another unless you can protect yourself, and we've seen I've been doing a half assed job lately.
Proxies I've redeemed have been mostly staying that way, so that's the good perk I guess. People I've actually helped are now helping themselves and others, just motivates me further to help more. And seeing others reaching out to do such things as well only helps get me off my ass.
I resorted to kidnapping a man who cons and blackmails his bosses for a living practically, a smug bastard that hasn't answered jack shit really. My patience is thinning and the Caged One is seething which makes shit even worse.

"Your hands are already stained in red. Do what is necessary. Drag him within the woods, take him into depths where the screams cannot be heard."

Temptation to do such was killer (no pun intended). Do you know the type of anger in you that just boils and boils until it smooth out and finds a new use? Ok, now how about that new use is murder or torture? Ok, now add a childhood you in your head called the Caged One telling you that it's necessary to do. Ok? Ok. Now, go ahead and add to it you know it is necessary and you don't give a flying fuck about the consequences in doing it anymore.
Now you'll ask "Why haven't you done it then?"
The answer is simple, my adopted family. I haven't acted for them.

"But time is growing short and we need to act."

So the options become limited.

"We killed once in the name of one we loathed. We can kill again in the name of protecting those we love."

Is it necessary?

"Don't make the same mistakes."

Because I totally remember them, right... Thanks. Awesome.


Maybe I'll be happy once this world fades into the dark. When the universe decides Earth is no longer popular and tosses it aside, heh. We are so petty and don't even realize it, it's so adorable.
Always wanted to be an astronomer, you know? It's silly. I used to stare into the telescope as a kid and try to find the planet I came from. Now look at me, clinging to humanity like it's worth something. One pathetic chapter after the next.

And I am fucking done playing to its tune.
I laid at Billy's grave and watched the clouds like we used to while we could still see them, just before nightfall came crashing down upon our heads. Once upon a time, heh. It was such a nice day outside--blurry vision-heavy breathing-stumbling forward--looking down, bloody hands--looking up, scared faces--screaming, crying--YOUMONSTER--Whoareyou?-knife, cuts so good-onebyoneweallfalldown-Cut them! Cutting them! KILLING THEM!-it hurts it hurts it fucking hurts-their faces ashamed, gone daughter gone, gone friend gone gone gone-Imissyou-I'm not sorry--about to do-NOT SORRY EVER--nice day, knife in hand--blood--heavy breathing, collapsed body--whysobroken?

I left the cemetery when my mind triggered that sequence. Out of fucking nowhere, right? Did it smack you in the face too? Yea, I didn't know what to do either but that's the sequence that I had this time. It was the same place as the previous ones; I'm considering this might be what Road Runner is talking about. "Become what you were" and "Become a murderer again". Yea, key words being: Were and Again. How wonderful is it that I might have been a murderer as a kid? How severely fucked up does someone have to be to murder as a child? What the hell happens to just trigger that at a young age? Fuck if I know. I've been told not to pursue further both verbally and by actions done by those around me. Can you honestly tell me that if you were not in my shoes that you wouldn't be looking for answers?
Can you honestly tell you wouldn't be feeling vulnerable until you do? That you could trust yourself when you don't even know yourself?
Tell me. Go right ahead and tell me, look me in the goddamn eyes already and say it with a straight face and maybe I'll consider it.

To make matters worse Prosper was at the tree line. I pulled out a knife when he approached, his mask was smashed up. Looked like a cracked egg, I wondered what the hell happened briefly before deciding whatever did good for him, he deserved it. What surprised me most was when he slid the mask off his face and took a moment to look at the broken thing before handing it over. I was hesitant to take it, when he didn't make any kind of change I did. It was stupid and I knew it when he grabbed my wrist and lurched my upper body forward. Prosper's amber eyes were in slits, it's amazing how dark his face looked on such a bright morning. And then, out of nowhere, he curled up his lips into an ominous smile and backed off. Let go of me in the process and pointed to the mask before tapping the side of his head. The knife in my hand shook, I wanted to go stab happy on Prosper's face but resisted. I told myself Road Runner comes first, he may have plunged the knife but she organized it.

On top of that Prosper was burned alive at the warehouse and Executor rebuilt him and sent him back our way. Even if I killed this form of Prosper he'd come back and probably throw a bitch fit. I don't want to hear it, from any of you. I wanted to attack, still do, for killing all those people, for hurting Elaine and killing Cam, for hurting Mystery, hurting so many people. Logically speaking, there wasn't any point. I wasn't about to risk my life all alone like this and I wasn't about to risk others either. I've see what he does when angry, so no, just... no.

I weighed his mask in my hand, it was pretty damn heavy. Not one of those flimsy plastic ones, it breaking like this must have been a bitch to do or the impact must have been massive. I have no idea what it's made out of it, ask Mystery later what she thinks. I can't draw much on why he gave this; my only thoughts are maybe it was because at the asylum he made masks. I brought it back to the mansion and when I entered Mystery intersected me, she came with one intention but paused when she noticed what I was holding and questioned it. I told her what happened and how I made up my mind on what to do with our guest. She wasn't happy, so put it lightly. I told her I was going to take the orderly for a drive that night, I didn't want her waiting up. We got into a short argument over it, Mystery didn't like the man in the least but she wasn't open for interrogation; least not to the extent I was intending. I told her it had to be done and left it there.

 I went to put the mask where I put the other stuff I was keeping, down at the bottom of the mansion where Mr. Sunshine first slept. Prying open the trunk and laying it inside with the mask from Executor's time. Prosper knows what I remember just from this blog alone, if he's sending a message it's going to be based on what I can recall still. That's the difference between him and Road Runner; he acts on the now and reminds me of the past while she works the past to end the future. Mr. Sunshine has taken up sleeping higher up in the tree that's rooted down where my trunk is. This room seemed to be a nice quiet spot for me to stay in; I considered moving down here to sleep but haven't taken any actions yet.

I was down there when I heard a loud explosion from upstairs, I grabbed the axe and bolted in time to see Mystery exiting my line of sight as she was thrown upwards through the ceiling. I looked to who was responsible and felt a glare, my mind reeling to take in just what the hell was happening. There wasn't time to dawdle over the details, my mind said, "Enemy in base, terminate." and so I acted. I gripped the axe which didn't really matter when something hit me from behind, I was suddenly thrown forward and before I knew it was one the ground and rolling until I hit the wall, the side of my face aching.

I tried to pull myself up and collapsed, my head spinning like mad. Every time I pulled myself up the world beneath me spun and I collapsed under my own weight again. I could hear off to the side Lucas and soon the thunderous roar of Mr. Sunshine, my heart skipped a beat as I used the wall to pull myself up. Vision coming clear I could see the attacker (who we know now as Thuggee) spot and turn towards me. Lullaby caught my attention and his own the moment she entered, he turned to her with a grin and vanished. I felt my insides boiled and grabbed the axe with an intent to murder. Dodgy intervened when I began an approach, surprising me with ease but I whacked him with the butt of the axe. He's fast, I'll tell you now Dodgy is deadly. I guess I took him by some surprise with my own bloodlust at the time and got the upper hand there. I smacked him across the face with the handle of the axe, spinning it in my grasp and bringing it down upon him. He slipped out of the way just barely, before I could pull the axe back up my knees bent forward as a kicked impacted them from behind. I hit the floor and rolled, swinging the axe up with all the force I could muster from that angle, he caught my wrist though. Pain shot through it and I bite out something nasty in return to him.

When Mr. Sunshine came charging my axe was raised from the ground with force, enough to split the wood just before it was flung and collided into my friend's shoulder. Before I could get out a word to him Thuggee was in front of my and then everything just blurred as I hit the ground once again. Dodgy didn't miss a beat, nailing me in the torso a few times with his leg. I spat at Thuggee and found it flung back, I won't forget ever making eye contact with that bastard. Him all to happy, winked even, before my blurred over as pain exploded through-out my body. And everything just hurt; I was writhing on the cold ground. It felt like forever before my body began to overcome, to push itself to adapt like I've always forced it to. I groaned trying to pull myself up, finally able to focus on stuff around me.

Sucking it up I pulled myself to my feet, ignoring the agony that raked through-out my body. I pulled the knife from my ankle strap and left the room moving towards the ruckus. I could hear him approaching and walked out, slashing at Thuggee with the knife. I used what knife training I had to try and land a blow upon him but he was worse than Dodgy with dodging. He caught my wrist when I went for his chest and with a flick of my arm I heard the snap before I felt it. Thuggee got me in the torso twice and suddenly I found the setting had changing. We were outside, the morning sun making me squint just before I was on the ground... Again. He grabbed my ankle, more pain but I didn't hear a crack or the likes. I was good news until he summoned that fucking orb and I was back to square one with pain raking through my body. Screaming his name with slander.

Another long while I was left writing it felt like. I could barely hear all the yelling and what not around me, it all felt faint as I was on my back, trying to adapt once again. Something shadowed over me and when I squinted upwards I found myself staring into Thy Executor's mask, his hands met the sides of my head and everything shut off, my vision blackened briefly. I felt like a computer restarting, the moment I could see I wrenched away and collapsed, he leaned back down and yanked me to a stand. Told me to wait before vanishing. It was brief before he was back again, Proxy 85 in his arms looking dead. He leaned 85 into my hold, with the one decent arm I've got.

"Leave here immediately, the others already have." I went to argue before looking up and seeing Thuggee with another Executor, I looked back to the one in front of me and knew it was a clone. He grabbed jaw roughly, an overwhelming power emitting off the clone by vibe alone. “Get. Out." He demanded, for once it wasn't a monotone voice. He voice quivered with anger and ripped his hand away, teleporting above to join the battle.

I lifted 85 who was barely conscious, he stumbled to help but could barely manage. I dragged us both to the woods, a man emerged from them that I couldn't recognize. He looked me in the face and I saw it, amber colored eyes (seeing Executor's post I know now it was Prosper flung into a nearby body. His post is correct, I've realized, there is really a nearly completed circle of bodies around our home). He ran back into the mansion as we kept moving farther and farther from it. Mr. Sunshine appeared and took 85 into his arms, lessening the strain on my own body. I leaned against a tree and ordered him to get 85 to the others, taking a second to follow and arrive on the scene of MASC. I was manhandled into the car, smacking the soldier away as he shoved me inside. Mr. Sunshine coddled and at that point I was too pissed off and exhausted to stop him. Just leaned, feeding him some support.

So... All in all we stole their truck and went to a motel. We got situated in the room and Mystery helped me make a splint for my broken arm. We stopped Mr. Sunshine's bleeding collar barely, the fact he was laying down when Executor showed after a short bit and did nothing but growl viciously made me concerned. Executor stayed near the windows, Prosper was at his side leaning awkwardly off a bad leg. Executor was torn up, head to toe. He remained standing straight and slowly scanned the room from left to right before dropping his head to look down at 85 on the bed; the boy was looking back up at him wearily. "Fine mess you brought upon yourselves. Do be more careful in future events." He stated out loud before leaning down and picking up 85's barely breathing body. Executor vanished out of sight and Prosper followed a moment afterwards.

And MASC found us not too long afterwards. Mr. Sunshine was vicious towards them and we had to try and keep him calm, blood loss helped a bit with that. They separated us all which infuriated my beastly friend to the point where they had to sedate him. MASC had a doctor lend me a hand with some treatment while I spent time in the room, glowering at the fellows babysitting. When the medic came in and brought a chair up in front of me, just before he sat down I kicked the leg sending it backwards and watched him hit the floor. One of the soldiers restrained me back into the chair when I went to get up and I barked out how I didn't approve of being manhandled and then having authority forced upon not only myself but my kin. I played nice while the doctor fixed me up and left. Interrogator visited and I laughed, despite my ribs, at his mentions of Mr. Sunshine. He began to force authority and I flashed him a nice bruised smile, "Would you kindly fuck off." left my lips on a cheerful note.

He wasn't happy and sat down across, intimidations tactics won't work with me. He threatened many things and I sat back in the chair wishing I had popcorn. I wasn't fazed, not with those I knew before this all. They needed us, and when Mystery and I met up we both acknowledged it.

Since then we haven't been playing ball. They began getting people to work on repairs; I've been on the sidelines yelling at them doing shit wrong. We were missing people, still are now. Trinity went after Tim and I can't believe I helped distract after seeing her blog post. I'm worried as hell but... She's smart, so damn clever, I know I can trust her to get through it.

So... My axe is cracked, I'm fucked up like everyone else, and... Thuggee broke the chunk of wall I was sleeping on. So I got nowhere to sleep, making a bed in the basement where my trunk is. Mr. Sunshine was stalking me around until Lullaby and Doctor Proctor showed up, now he's following poor Proc around. It's cute, Doc is a bit uneasy by it and I can't help but laugh every time I look over and see Mr. Sunshine shuffling behind him at some distance. Good to have him around, makes for good conversation.

I went out and explored the bodies thing after seeing Executor's post. I followed this trench that was covered by a thin sheet of dirt only. It surrounded the mansion but only made a C, still left to be connected. Which meant Prosper wasn't finished with his work. I found out later from Road Runner's post that Prosper visited her (most likely due to his post which sounds a lot like he's going to try eliminating us or start testing our mettle) and she's the reason his mask is cracked. I found the files I was looking over before, they fell down here from my "bed" during the attack. I put them in the trunk; will post up the information regarding them later. Speaking of the orderly... Yea, he's dead. Baked alive. Did I mention yet how much I loathe Thuggee? Not just for attacking my kin but now killing my lead. Why. Do. All. My. Leads. DIE?


Anyways, I'm going to yell at more MASC soldiers, wander the night on my usual routine walks. Everywhere I go a damn soldier is on my ass, I can't tell you how many times I've chewed them out so far. Hehehe, I made one flinch. It was satisfying.

Post later with some stuff. Going to pull a Doctor House and pop some pain pills.
Ignore typos, one bad wrist and a broken arm makes typing a bitch. Don’t ask how long this post took me to do, heh.

Stay safe,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Ass

Hurts. You know, my shoulder is killing me and I have a broken arm, few ribs, I'm covered in bruises and scrapes, some gashes, got a sprained ankle, injured wrist, and I am cursing Thuggee out for my ass hurting after he flung me into a few walls and onto the ground a couple of times. Funny how shit works out, eh?

Now... To tell you I'm angry is putting it mildly. I am pissed the fuck off. Alright, so, mansion is half destroyed. Ok, that just means I'll have to fix all the repairs I made. Sure, that'll be a nice distraction, right? Yea? Ok? Mm... Orderly is baked. Alright, so, I just lost a lead and location of the transferred files. Yes, yes, ok. Some members have poofed, Advocate snatched Lullaby.


I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU IF YOU HARMED A HAIR ON HER HEAD! Luckily... You didn't really. So I don't have to hunt your ass down, congrats. Oh wait, that's what you wanted, right? Winning here then twice as hard! She came back, or was freed, and even brought Doctor Proctor! It will be nice to have him in our company. Him and I have been privately meeting since I broke into his house and what not, no sense in hiding it now. It's nice to have him around for more than a few minutes. Have to get him set up in a spot.

And then wait with a shotgun for Advocate to pop back up.

It's really, really... Heh... REALLY hard to type with a broken arm. It's frustrating poking at the keys with my good hand, slow motion, Satan cowers should I make a mistake. Which is why I'm not sending the attack just yet. I'm telling you all yea, we are all alive. MASC needs to get the stick out of their asses, riding on their high horses with that lodged there really explains a lot... And it isn't helping us like them, at all. -_-
I laughed hysterically, despite the pain in my ribs, when I heard Mr. Sunshine roughed up some of their men. Seriously, I almost fell backwards in the chair they had me in. I heard they had to sedate Mr. Sunshine and laughed harder. It's so great when you have so much energy from being so angry and it just finds ways to exert itself. Ohgod, they weren't happy gents but I couldn't myself. They should have paid better attention.

Least I got patched up a bit. I've got a cast on my arm, it's really annoying. No, like, REALLY annoying. I dislike not being able to use it but now I can threaten to bludgeon people death! The MASC soldiers are at least tending to some of the labor. Mystery chuckled when I started yelling at them for doing something wrong.

Ughs, my everything hurts and I can't even lay down and rest because Thuggee fucked up my "bed". That slab of the wall I've been snoozing on. Asshole.

It's fine, though, because I totally haven't been sleeping. Is it showing? Oh well! Fun news? I was doing nightly rounds and a soldier followed me, I ended up walking into another soldier on watch and got a barrel in my face. Mr. Sunshine was growling from somewhere and I threatened the hell out of the soldier and threw aside the aimed gun. MASC, I don't deal well with people trying to order me around and I don't do well when people tell me they are trying to help us while trying to control us. Oh I'm sorry, is this bad rep for you gents? Well, honsetly, I'm not sorry and I hope it is.

Mr. Sunshine isn't happy, especially with what happened before the attack itself. More on that with the following post about the attack day itself. He's not happy with me being up and walking on my ankle but I have to. I swat him when he tries to coddle but... It's familiar and so I've been leaning on my friend here since we've been back. He's beat up... Badly, but it doesn't bug him, not like it should. I'm going to redress his wounds shortly.

Everyone is worried but alive and ok. We're now missing two fellows and I'm pissed no one is doing more to find them. Mm... I think bitch mode is going to be activated until something gets done to find them. Oh and apparently something fucked up MASC soldiers after Thuggee left and before we came back. During the period when MASC was holding us. No idea what or who it was yet, ughs.

Oh. Did I mention my axe is cracked? MY FUCKING AXE IS CRACKED. I--What-No--SO PISSED OFF! HE CRACKED MY AXE! The wood is all split and fuckingpissassantmotherfucker.

Ok. I'm off for tonight. It's bad enough this took me like an hour to type, heh.
Ignore any outbursts till things smooth out here. I'm using this as a place to vent. Twitter was already abused yesterday morning, snicker.

Stay safe,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Warning

This is a mark against the resistance. You will be found, none are safe. The Defenders Against Slenders have been made into an example. This is the end of everything you have tried to build. Good bye, pets. Until we meet.

The Hand of the Gods

Monday, September 12, 2011

Intermission #2

Sorry for the delay, I've been dealing with our... Guest. He's been very fucking restless and bitchy.
To get on with it, though:

Mystery and I bickered half of the ride to the asylum. I wasn't happy to go back there, she wasn't happy to go back there, I had to go back there. I told her she didn't have to come; if she really didn't want me to go alone I could have brought Mr. Sunshine. I was concerned with her coming considering her experience there but she was determined. I couldn't deny that having someone with me would be nicer than not. We arrived a little after the update posted, the place was still closed down but we were able to slip through one of the broken windows. I didn't know where to look first, thought it would be easier to get to the filing room and find out where I stayed as a kid.

The place was closed down still and looked a mess. Could still see the stains... Ughs, they must have just evacuated the patients and whoever was even left and shut it down. We walked through the halls looking for the filing room and when we did come to it shuffling from the inside could be heard. It took us by surprise but we were prepared for anything strange to happen, I mean, fuck... How could we not be by now? Heh. I had the axe in my hands and was regarded by Mystery briefly, her disapproving frown telling me enough. I gave a half shrug and broke open the door to find a man standing there. Might I add he was a familiar man? Might I also add this guy was the orderly I knocked out and dragged into a room when I came here last? He looked very confused and then very pissed off, I swung the axe around when he charged and jabbed him in the stomach with the butt of it. He backed off holding himself and I asked what he was doing here, his reply was something along the lines, "Making sure I got insurance after you fucked this place up!" and came at us again. I used the axe to separate him from us and Mystery whacked him one away but he didn't feel like letting go of my weapon, I got dragged forward and hit into one of the cabinets as he fell with my axe. So then he was chasing us.

Yea, not really the best of situations. We ended up in a medical room, hopped across a table and avoided him bringing down the axe. Luckily it got lodged, Mystery got him from the side and he was separated from my baby. I didn't bother trying to pull it out, I used it to climb onto the table and maul the ex-orderly. He crashed back into the cabinets, spilling out half its fricking contents. He cursed me out, like literally he gave this speech that basically consisted of, "You fucking bitch, I'll kill you, it's all your fault, this place is a shithole because of you, I'll lock you up here and let you starve to fucking death!" and I sort of stood there a second before snatching the closest object and whacking him across the face as hard I could. Cut him off mid-way. My face was probably equivalent to: >:I right about then. The bedpan knocked him out nicely, though. It rang when it hit his skull, he hit the ground cold.

When I looked back at Mystery she gave me a look that said all, "A bedpan, really?" and I found myself grinning and then laughing hysterically. We got him bound, I got my axe (after battling to get it out of the metal table) and we dragged him to the filing room. We went over the files still left, which weren't many honestly. I grabbed a box and picked up all the files I could find, especially where he was, and any of the papers on the floor that looked relevant. I slipped the axe into the pipe strapped to my back, make shift holder. I asked Mystery to carry the box while I dragged the orderly and she scowled, obviously not pleased with the idea of taking him. We argued again about the significance in this as well as the dangers.

By the end of it Mystery was carrying the box out and I was heaving the unconscious body to the car. By heaving I mean dragged him to a wheelie bed and took him for a ride, hooray for laziness!

Threw his bound ass into the backseat and drove on home. Set him up in the spare room and let him snooze. I checked through the files and papers, going to just leave those out for now.

When he woke up it wasn't very pleasant, to say the least. He threw a fit and his arrogance was something that rivaled Executor's, I shit you not. When I told him about how I was just looking for answers he became smug, held his head high and smirked. The first few days were spent with him acting like a royal prick. It led to him trying to escape; Mr. Sunshine mauled the fuck out of him. I found the orderly on the floor, Mr. Sunshine on his back with his jaws wrapped around the back of the man's throat. He helped me bring our guest back to the spare room and we secured him better this time around. Nice attempts weren't working, I found that out when I crouched nearby from him and he head-butted me. I ended up throwing him against the wall and breaking two fingers, one accidentally when holding him in place, the other as a reminder to stop fucking with me already. That arrogance crumbled and he fell into a mopey state, I let him be and came back to set his fingers and cast them.

I've taken to making him very much aware I would not tolerate his bullshit, it got to the point where I found myself holding him down by the throat and telling him such. I knew the entire time that if it was just the two of us... If the others weren't around, children especially, I wouldn't have tolerated this for so long. He was lucky, so very lucky. I would have dragged him to a remote location but that would have alerted the others and I wasn't willing to make them worry over my impatience. They'd know all too well why the both of us would be gone. Mystery wasn't pleased about the breaking of fingers and my unpleasant scare tactics. She was even more displeased to find me crouching across from him with the axe resting between us. We had a discussion, things are calmer now.

The orderly and I managed to strike up conversation, it broke back that arrogance to somewhat. Managed to get some tidbits out of him, which might be useful. Found out he was at the asylum trying to gather information to blackmail the big boss after he lost his job. He flashed a smug smile about knowing where the files were moved to. From the moment he's said as much we've been working back and forth trying to find a medium. If it wasn't for the fact he didn't give a single fuck about personal details things would have gone by a lot smoother, apparently he doesn't care that he's a criminal that has yet to be caught.

The files themselves are filthy and just a mess, some torn, some on people that don't seem relevant. I might post up some things about them when I can, just wanted to throw up this quick update. Errors: I am expecting them, I don't care right now. I am so exhausted from dealing with this jerk. Update soon with news.

Stay safe,