Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Ass

Hurts. You know, my shoulder is killing me and I have a broken arm, few ribs, I'm covered in bruises and scrapes, some gashes, got a sprained ankle, injured wrist, and I am cursing Thuggee out for my ass hurting after he flung me into a few walls and onto the ground a couple of times. Funny how shit works out, eh?

Now... To tell you I'm angry is putting it mildly. I am pissed the fuck off. Alright, so, mansion is half destroyed. Ok, that just means I'll have to fix all the repairs I made. Sure, that'll be a nice distraction, right? Yea? Ok? Mm... Orderly is baked. Alright, so, I just lost a lead and location of the transferred files. Yes, yes, ok. Some members have poofed, Advocate snatched Lullaby.


I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU IF YOU HARMED A HAIR ON HER HEAD! Luckily... You didn't really. So I don't have to hunt your ass down, congrats. Oh wait, that's what you wanted, right? Winning here then twice as hard! She came back, or was freed, and even brought Doctor Proctor! It will be nice to have him in our company. Him and I have been privately meeting since I broke into his house and what not, no sense in hiding it now. It's nice to have him around for more than a few minutes. Have to get him set up in a spot.

And then wait with a shotgun for Advocate to pop back up.

It's really, really... Heh... REALLY hard to type with a broken arm. It's frustrating poking at the keys with my good hand, slow motion, Satan cowers should I make a mistake. Which is why I'm not sending the attack just yet. I'm telling you all yea, we are all alive. MASC needs to get the stick out of their asses, riding on their high horses with that lodged there really explains a lot... And it isn't helping us like them, at all. -_-
I laughed hysterically, despite the pain in my ribs, when I heard Mr. Sunshine roughed up some of their men. Seriously, I almost fell backwards in the chair they had me in. I heard they had to sedate Mr. Sunshine and laughed harder. It's so great when you have so much energy from being so angry and it just finds ways to exert itself. Ohgod, they weren't happy gents but I couldn't myself. They should have paid better attention.

Least I got patched up a bit. I've got a cast on my arm, it's really annoying. No, like, REALLY annoying. I dislike not being able to use it but now I can threaten to bludgeon people death! The MASC soldiers are at least tending to some of the labor. Mystery chuckled when I started yelling at them for doing something wrong.

Ughs, my everything hurts and I can't even lay down and rest because Thuggee fucked up my "bed". That slab of the wall I've been snoozing on. Asshole.

It's fine, though, because I totally haven't been sleeping. Is it showing? Oh well! Fun news? I was doing nightly rounds and a soldier followed me, I ended up walking into another soldier on watch and got a barrel in my face. Mr. Sunshine was growling from somewhere and I threatened the hell out of the soldier and threw aside the aimed gun. MASC, I don't deal well with people trying to order me around and I don't do well when people tell me they are trying to help us while trying to control us. Oh I'm sorry, is this bad rep for you gents? Well, honsetly, I'm not sorry and I hope it is.

Mr. Sunshine isn't happy, especially with what happened before the attack itself. More on that with the following post about the attack day itself. He's not happy with me being up and walking on my ankle but I have to. I swat him when he tries to coddle but... It's familiar and so I've been leaning on my friend here since we've been back. He's beat up... Badly, but it doesn't bug him, not like it should. I'm going to redress his wounds shortly.

Everyone is worried but alive and ok. We're now missing two fellows and I'm pissed no one is doing more to find them. Mm... I think bitch mode is going to be activated until something gets done to find them. Oh and apparently something fucked up MASC soldiers after Thuggee left and before we came back. During the period when MASC was holding us. No idea what or who it was yet, ughs.

Oh. Did I mention my axe is cracked? MY FUCKING AXE IS CRACKED. I--What-No--SO PISSED OFF! HE CRACKED MY AXE! The wood is all split and fuckingpissassantmotherfucker.

Ok. I'm off for tonight. It's bad enough this took me like an hour to type, heh.
Ignore any outbursts till things smooth out here. I'm using this as a place to vent. Twitter was already abused yesterday morning, snicker.

Stay safe,


  1. welcome home. in our end.
    the suffering will free us.

  2. Thanks and I know, Victor. I hope you're alright wherever you are.