Monday, September 12, 2011

Intermission #2

Sorry for the delay, I've been dealing with our... Guest. He's been very fucking restless and bitchy.
To get on with it, though:

Mystery and I bickered half of the ride to the asylum. I wasn't happy to go back there, she wasn't happy to go back there, I had to go back there. I told her she didn't have to come; if she really didn't want me to go alone I could have brought Mr. Sunshine. I was concerned with her coming considering her experience there but she was determined. I couldn't deny that having someone with me would be nicer than not. We arrived a little after the update posted, the place was still closed down but we were able to slip through one of the broken windows. I didn't know where to look first, thought it would be easier to get to the filing room and find out where I stayed as a kid.

The place was closed down still and looked a mess. Could still see the stains... Ughs, they must have just evacuated the patients and whoever was even left and shut it down. We walked through the halls looking for the filing room and when we did come to it shuffling from the inside could be heard. It took us by surprise but we were prepared for anything strange to happen, I mean, fuck... How could we not be by now? Heh. I had the axe in my hands and was regarded by Mystery briefly, her disapproving frown telling me enough. I gave a half shrug and broke open the door to find a man standing there. Might I add he was a familiar man? Might I also add this guy was the orderly I knocked out and dragged into a room when I came here last? He looked very confused and then very pissed off, I swung the axe around when he charged and jabbed him in the stomach with the butt of it. He backed off holding himself and I asked what he was doing here, his reply was something along the lines, "Making sure I got insurance after you fucked this place up!" and came at us again. I used the axe to separate him from us and Mystery whacked him one away but he didn't feel like letting go of my weapon, I got dragged forward and hit into one of the cabinets as he fell with my axe. So then he was chasing us.

Yea, not really the best of situations. We ended up in a medical room, hopped across a table and avoided him bringing down the axe. Luckily it got lodged, Mystery got him from the side and he was separated from my baby. I didn't bother trying to pull it out, I used it to climb onto the table and maul the ex-orderly. He crashed back into the cabinets, spilling out half its fricking contents. He cursed me out, like literally he gave this speech that basically consisted of, "You fucking bitch, I'll kill you, it's all your fault, this place is a shithole because of you, I'll lock you up here and let you starve to fucking death!" and I sort of stood there a second before snatching the closest object and whacking him across the face as hard I could. Cut him off mid-way. My face was probably equivalent to: >:I right about then. The bedpan knocked him out nicely, though. It rang when it hit his skull, he hit the ground cold.

When I looked back at Mystery she gave me a look that said all, "A bedpan, really?" and I found myself grinning and then laughing hysterically. We got him bound, I got my axe (after battling to get it out of the metal table) and we dragged him to the filing room. We went over the files still left, which weren't many honestly. I grabbed a box and picked up all the files I could find, especially where he was, and any of the papers on the floor that looked relevant. I slipped the axe into the pipe strapped to my back, make shift holder. I asked Mystery to carry the box while I dragged the orderly and she scowled, obviously not pleased with the idea of taking him. We argued again about the significance in this as well as the dangers.

By the end of it Mystery was carrying the box out and I was heaving the unconscious body to the car. By heaving I mean dragged him to a wheelie bed and took him for a ride, hooray for laziness!

Threw his bound ass into the backseat and drove on home. Set him up in the spare room and let him snooze. I checked through the files and papers, going to just leave those out for now.

When he woke up it wasn't very pleasant, to say the least. He threw a fit and his arrogance was something that rivaled Executor's, I shit you not. When I told him about how I was just looking for answers he became smug, held his head high and smirked. The first few days were spent with him acting like a royal prick. It led to him trying to escape; Mr. Sunshine mauled the fuck out of him. I found the orderly on the floor, Mr. Sunshine on his back with his jaws wrapped around the back of the man's throat. He helped me bring our guest back to the spare room and we secured him better this time around. Nice attempts weren't working, I found that out when I crouched nearby from him and he head-butted me. I ended up throwing him against the wall and breaking two fingers, one accidentally when holding him in place, the other as a reminder to stop fucking with me already. That arrogance crumbled and he fell into a mopey state, I let him be and came back to set his fingers and cast them.

I've taken to making him very much aware I would not tolerate his bullshit, it got to the point where I found myself holding him down by the throat and telling him such. I knew the entire time that if it was just the two of us... If the others weren't around, children especially, I wouldn't have tolerated this for so long. He was lucky, so very lucky. I would have dragged him to a remote location but that would have alerted the others and I wasn't willing to make them worry over my impatience. They'd know all too well why the both of us would be gone. Mystery wasn't pleased about the breaking of fingers and my unpleasant scare tactics. She was even more displeased to find me crouching across from him with the axe resting between us. We had a discussion, things are calmer now.

The orderly and I managed to strike up conversation, it broke back that arrogance to somewhat. Managed to get some tidbits out of him, which might be useful. Found out he was at the asylum trying to gather information to blackmail the big boss after he lost his job. He flashed a smug smile about knowing where the files were moved to. From the moment he's said as much we've been working back and forth trying to find a medium. If it wasn't for the fact he didn't give a single fuck about personal details things would have gone by a lot smoother, apparently he doesn't care that he's a criminal that has yet to be caught.

The files themselves are filthy and just a mess, some torn, some on people that don't seem relevant. I might post up some things about them when I can, just wanted to throw up this quick update. Errors: I am expecting them, I don't care right now. I am so exhausted from dealing with this jerk. Update soon with news.

Stay safe,


  1. Sounds like everything turned out okay for everyone... well... kind of. Glad to hear you're not dead. That would be no bueno :T

  2. Heh, Proctor, that would have sucked indeed. We are good, aside from my brain about to explode. This guy doesn't know how to shut up.

    Glad to see you commenting, get to see you're still alive between our visits.

  3. Hehe kidnap me next time, girly. ;) Sounds exciting.

  4. I'd say "with pleasure" but you'd probably take all the pleasure out of it.