Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I told Mystery I wanted to go back to the asylum and look for answers. Files, search the rooms, something. She wasn't happy, especially considering I just got back from my adventures with Victor. We got into a bit of an argument, she wouldn't let me go alone and after discussing who will be put on watch things mellowed out. Set Mr. Sunshine to guard duty and made sure everyone was all set-up before we left.

This blog post will be updating itself at 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time. The time we should be arriving at the asylum so all of you have a time estimation again.

I'll have my phone with me so I'll slip in replies if and when I notice them.

Catch you all later with the findings.

Also, Victor's pieces are still being written, I just need to get out of the mansion and this was a need to do. So, off I go with Mystery.
Speak to you guys shortly.

Stay safe,


  1. I hope you're okay. Keep in touch so we know you are still safe, alright?

  2. We're alright, thank you. Interesting run in, be home soon... With a guest, heh.

  3. I would rather you didn't die, both of you. :)


  4. I look forward to finding out who it is. And, oh yeah, what Lucas said.

  5. Well..Be safe out there.
    Lord knows everything seems to love attacking you..

  6. I too look forward to what you find. Or, who.
    Be safe, both of you.

  7. Thanks everyone. Update you all shortly.

  8. We should probably talk when you get back. Our little private discussions are nice, but I'm considering joining you and the rest of your group. I'd love to meet Mystery and the rest of the DAS.

    Also, I'm getting my own apartment that is closer to you. If you ever need a place to stay the night, I've got enough room for all of you if we squeeze.

    Stay safe :)

  9. Whoops, I really should have posted coming back. Been busy with our "guest" I haven't had the time to post anything.

    We definitely should tlk then if you're interested. We'll figure out something shortly then, yes? I'm sure they'd enjoy meeting you as well, deary.

    Damn. That's weird, I wouldn't know how to sleep on a bed after being here all this time, haha. Thank you, dear. That's very kind of you to offer.

    You stay safe too now.