Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Bitch ass tiny font woman is back.

Yea. Doing better. Funny, right? Considering I went MIA for a little over a week. If you follow Mystery's blog you'll see that I was taken by Victor (MyDarkJournal to those that do not follow blogs much) and the Oracle. I'm not getting into details on that right now, I want to keep this short so I can catch up on things with everyone here. That will be posted sometime during the week, for now you can all know:

1) Yes, I am alive.

2) Doing alright, actually I feel better than... Before. After Billy it was just shit, everything was blurred all into one. I barely even remember the days, when Victor came it really didn't seem like that long. Honestly, few days at most. When he, erm... Dropped me off, for lack of a better term, I was informed that it had been officially eleven days. Yea, bricks were shat, people. Not only can Victor devour people with that void, walk through shadows to get from one place to the other (which I'll say now is really strange at first but fucking amazing), but he can also distort time, apparently. Being that close to Oracle wasn't really ideal, especially after our last encounter. Unharmed, though, says enough. To keep it short like I want I'll say this: The two of them have more of my respect even after snatching me and the works. More details on that all later.

3) Prosper, what you did to Mystery is unforgivable. I will hunt you down, I will look you in the face after I break your mask, and I will destroy the reality of pain you have come to know and exist within. I will destroy every fiber of your fucking world until you are squirming on the fucking ground without any purpose. Until you're begging your flaming superior, Executor, to kill you already. Because I won't. I will not kill you. I'll stand and I'll watch as you writhe and suffer in the hell you made for yourself, you piece of shit. Don't ever touch my family again.

4) Executor, you fucking roofied Liam and his comrade? That's just low. You know, I got a sneaking suspicion you know very well that's the "date rape drug" and chose it for obvious reasons. Obviously now you're seeking answers we are which interests me greatly. Don't think I've forgotten either, you know very well what the means, yes?

5) Trinity, you are so strong and so precious. I am so proud of you. So sorry you were left troubled and worried, that you had to feel such anger and sadness. But I am so proud of how strong you've become, your brother would be proud. So strong and so compassionate, you're a beautiful girl, Trinity. I'm so glad to be back home and be able to hug you once more. I was worried, you know. After Ron's death, then Billy's, and all the others Prosper has killed. It just piled up, but your brother dying and the doppelganger... Who I carried that looked just like you... It plagued my mind, still does though not as badly. Billy and the slander in the papers just made things all the worse after that. I was so worried while I was gone for you. You're kin, you're family, you're beautiful. You were able to bring forth my ability to say I love you, because no words can describe how I feel knowing you're here with us nor can explain the bond we have come to have better than that. I got your message, you know. It eased my worries, brought back my smile and despite my focus having been on Victor I did look forward to coming home someday to you. You brighten this darkening world.

6) Mystery, the moment I saw your injury I knew... I fucking knew. Should have been there to take that blow, you shouldn't be hurt. Smarter than that but... Thank you. For everything. Going after Prosper like that... You idiot! God, what the hell were you thinking?! But... Thank you. Says a lot. Even if it was fucking stupid. You did good, though. Tore off some of that aura, eh? Bet he felt a bit naked, ha! One step closer to unraveling Prosper... Then he won't be able to do harm to anyone again. Not you, not me, not Elaine, or anyone else. You did great, Mystery. You protected everyone. So happy you are all ok, even if banged up... And sleepy, heh.

7) To the family at the mansion, it's more than nice to be back. Lucas, didn't get to talk to you much but glad you're here. Hopefully shit won't be so fucked up now, eh?

8) Back to the matters at hand: Information and what not comes this week. I have some things to process before I post and I want to spend some time with everyone here. I feel like it's been too long. I am going to post things from earlier when this blog began, from Executor's time, from my time spent with Victor. I'm going to post and keep a record of everything... Every little fucking thing. My drive is back, feels... I don't know? Good? I never really knew what purpose felt like, you know, never cared for it. Believed I made my own damn destiny and even if it was turning out to be shit it was still something I made myself. But I'm doing something to help others, hell, help myself. Feels pretty damn nice for once, better than just the usual indifference. It's weird thanking your kidnapper for, well, kidnapping you. But I doubt I would have fixed up the patches if it wasn't for it. I know, you probably don't get it because I haven't told anyone. So you'll just have to wait till I post later on the events that took place and reasons behind why I am not blubbering.

And if I have typos, fuck em'. I spent enough time here. Got things to plan, information to sort, but not before I spend time with the people who matter and give me reason to stand on my own two feet.

Happy to be back, everyone. And yes, I am alright. Not hurt, feeling better, renewed drive, fixed the cracks on this shield.
I feel like the mush piled on in this. Respect was meant to be given and disapproval to certain individuals as well. Lessening the mush before I combust, heh.

Next post will have some information. Promise.

Stay safe,


  1. Yes, I did a stupid thing, but it was worth it. And it's just an ugly scar now. No permanent harm done.

    I'm just glad you're home.

    Next time *we* go after Prosper.

  2. Yes. We. You got for his aura, I'll deck his fucking face!

    Glad to be home. Looks like I won't be punching that shoulder for a bit, eh?

  3. if only this could save you
    i buy for you.

    now that you see.
    iss there not despair?

    empty night still comess forth
    darkness and hunger does not abate

    my word is my law, unbroken
    you asked
    and i answered

    i love.

  4. Despair... I feel none. I feel motivation to do better than before, for it is painfully obvious it was not enough now. I am motivated by your suffering, what it is you do. I feel motivation for the reasons you do this for. And I say that not in the sense of "I'm using you" because I would never, not with the history I know I now carry. I say it so you know someone is fighting for the wrongs done upon you.

    You love and you hurt and you fight because you are human. Still. Even the faintest of fragments still reside there. Should they ever cease my support will not falter for I see better now than I did before.

    You love, that is enough for me. Even if it brings all sorts of horrors, they be but nightmares in the dark. Do what you need to, delay, what you feel to be right. Anyone can say their own two cents just as I'll say mine. I'm fighting for you, you make the time and I'll tread Hell to find something of use. Motivation, not despair. I do not know of you by I will not await an ending that I did not make myself. Say it matters not and I'll say it matters so.

    I am no obstacle in your way, my voice means little as a whole. I started this fight for you though, then for them, then for me by just a bit. But for you, yes, the beginning of it all. My first pledge.

    Motivation, dear.
    I fight because of you.

  5. Truthfully I could have just read something wrong, the font for your post shows up a little too small on my monitor, but everyone seems to be pointing at something painful happening, or atleast unpleasant.

    Don't know you but it's good that your away from it right?

  6. Glad to see you'e back and doing better Shady.

  7. I love you, my wonderful Lady!

  8. 0harts, away from what? Victor? My time with him was not unpleasant, merely foreign. Unharmed, therefore I can't said it is good to be away from his company. But I am glad to be home here with the others once more. So yes, good in its own way I suppose.

    And yes, I do enjoy the extremely tiny font. There are many painful and unpleasant things that have occurred.


    Thank you, Faustus.


    Trinity! Beautiful girl, you are too kind. I smile now from it.

  9. Well a good thing for sure if nothing bad happened. Damn I'm really going to have to squint to read these right haha. Apologies for the confusion there.

    The font is abnormally small. Scary almost.

  10. Never gets old hearing people commenting on my font. Very amusing. Have you tried zooming in? It's a handy trick, haha.

  11. Lol yeah, but you must know I'm using an old PC from 95' and the monitor is just as old. It's hard to read most white or small font's on this stupid thing. I'll try though haha.

  12. Ouch. My parents still use a PC similar to that, least last time I was home they still did. Stubborn folks, probably still do.

    Mm... You could copy the text and put it in a document to enlarge, perhaps? A little work but nonetheless you won't have to squint.

  13. I’ll say it again: It’s great that you’re back.

    Is your font smaller than usual? I had to zoom in 200% instead of the usual 150%, haha

  14. Thank you, Skan.

    Well, I set it on "smallest" or whatever when I write the posts. Unless Blogger changed something I do not believe I could make it any smaller. Sigh... If my Blogger is haunted now I'm going to start flipping tables, heh.

  15. You all must have bad eyes or something. I can read her tiny font just fine.

    Eternity says I have 'the eyes of a Hawk'. I'm not sure if I should punch her, laugh, or both.

    Ah and welcome back, Shady. I'm glad to see you're not hurt.

  16. Thank you, Black Hawk. Heh, laugh the first time, punch the second. You get both because the pun always has a way of coming around again.

  17. Shady, it's good to have you back. And if you find a way to finish Prosper, give me a call. I owe him some pain.

  18. Always good to see one of us home safe.

  19. We're working on it, Elaine. I'll keep you on speed dial because the moment we figure it out it's going to turn ugly. Fast. I'll keep you updated, send you some information when we get it just in case he shows up in your neck of the woods again.


    Indeed so, Jessie.

  20. For those having trouble reading her posts, a simple Ctrl + should make it bigger. You don't have to push the shift button to make it work. :)

  21. Thank you, Dia! Hopefully that will help some folks.