Monday, November 5, 2012

Thirteenth visit 10/31/12

I visited Shady on Halloween, which I am to have done. Seems like she got into some mischief the night before. The walls were filled with color, the building less white. The scrubs of the nurses and orderlies as well as patient uniforms were a series of bright colors. The skin of the patients were colored too, it looked like the nurses had tried to clean them but it was going to be stained for some time. The crazies didn't seem to mind, they gleefully enjoyed all the new colors around the place and on themselves.

I asked her how she did it and she just smirked, saying the dye was self explanatory. The only other comment she had on it was, "I gave them the tools and a means to have fun, they eagerly accepted."

We stayed in the rec room and I handed out candy I brought with me, had them go on an Halloween hunt to find other pieces around. The staff wasn't amused but we didn't care, we weren't causing any harm. For once there was little to no extreme behavior from any of the patients. It was one of the rare times we stuck out in public in that place but it was a good evening. We had fun.

I could have sworn I saw something brooding behind her eyes though. Some kind of concern and anticipation. We haven't talked about anything in depth, her memory seems to be fuzzy and unclear for the moment. She tells me it's nothing to be concerned about and that it'll be back to normal soon, just some after effects. To what, I asked. She didn't have a reply for me and for now I accepted it. I'd ask her next time.

I'm going to dedicate a post about her psychiatrist to help clear my thoughts. Something doesn't sit right with me, that guy knows something he's not telling me.


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