Monday, November 5, 2012

Sixth visit 8/8/12

Something is happening to the wards around here. I tried to fix them but I don't know anything about magic so I didn't do much other than look. It's almost as if they are failing for some reason, which doesn't make sense when I read the notes. Shortly after noticing this we were attacked by a few masked people. The ones that weren't shot dragged off a few of Brood's men. When we went scouting for them in the morning we found two of the soldiers disemboweled and strung up like party decorations.

Brood tried contacting Mystery about the wards but we haven't heard anything back yet. I'm still tracking her and she's still alive out there. I understand she's working very hard but this is important. Please, if you're still reading these contact us.

When I visited Shady today she was unconscious. I sat beside her bed and did some reading and could hear her talking in her sleep every now and then.

"It won't last."
"Just fix it."
"Worth the crazy."
"I need out."
"I don't care about the pain."

She was quiet for a while, her face scrunched into almost concentration as she breathed easily.

"Do it."

More silence followed and I figured she was back into the deep sleep. Except she started squirming and screaming to the point the nurses came in to try and calm her. An orderly dragged me out and I sat outside waiting. It didn't last long and she didn't wake up at all. I called in to check on her for a few days afterwards and they said she was unconscious like that for half the week.

Executor, is this your doing?


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