Monday, November 5, 2012

Seventh visit 8/16/12

We have been getting attacked often and I have no way of explaining what's going on or how it is happening. We're losing people by the most absurd means. Some soldiers are disappearing while others are found mutilated. I want answers but I don't know where to get them.

Shady was calmer this time but being weird. It was like all her time there so far was smeared out, she was very focused but at the same time confused when I tried talking to her about some things. It was like she didn't remember vividly her time so far. Normally if I asked her something she could recite it back to me in detail. She always had a good memory but this reminds me a lot from when she didn't have her memories. Did something from her dream last time I was here have some kind of affect? I'm concerned and suspicious.

We had a regular conversation, she had her same dark humor and was being nice, mostly. As nice as Shady can be, I guess I should say. We played Scrabble together, our version which consists of the worst words used in history. As we played we debated some old theories and philosophies, none of them pertaining to the Slender Man or any other freaks. It was like the old days again, but she wasn't the old Shady I knew. I could see that clearly but I took what I could get for now.

I spent lunch with her and left when it was time for dinner so she could relax. My sister hugged me and wore a smile as I left the room. It was a good day but I wish I knew what that meant for her.


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