Monday, November 5, 2012

Eleventh visit 10/2/12

I went out grocery shopping and ran into that masked freak named Prosper. He had the mask tied to his belt loop so he could walk around publicly it looked like. He didn't try and hurt me, it happened when I was walking out to the car. I had to park near the end because people are stupid. Prosper showed up to my right and was following me on the other side of the cars, weaving through them as if to provoke me.

I put the groceries in the trunk as quickly as I could but it wasn't enough, he came to lean against the car as if he was an old friend saying hi.

"Shove off." I warned him putting the bags away.

The guy was calm and looking through my bags of food as if actually curious. "Your family is going to die."

I dropped a bag at what he said so abruptly. "What?"

His dead eyes looked at me. "Your family, Spencer. They are going to die."

"No... no they aren't. They aren't apart of this."

"Your colleagues weren't apart of this and they still died." Prosper said nonchalantly, the barest hint of a smile showing. "Everyone you know is involved, just like anything you have ever touched. Anything that can be destroyed is apart of this giant web, nothing is out of reach."

"Why are you telling me this?"

He bent down and began picking up my spilled groceries, handing me the bag as I tried to calm down from hyperventilating. "You help everyone in need but you're very picky about whose lives you're willing to save. Call me the curious cat."

"Don't you know that old saying?" I angrily replied. "Are you going to do it? Are you going to kill them?"

"That's a surprise." He patted the cart with a glance at the sky, "You should hurry, looks like it might rain."

I glanced up for a second before looking back to where he stood only to find him gone. Immediately I called Brood and asked him to send over someone to my house and he did.

When I got there my father was dead just a few feet from the front door. I could hear my aunt crying somewhere and ran to her, she was holding my mother who was covered in blood and twitching. I went to them only to be knocked aside by a masked woman, footsteps came up the stairs and a masked man stood there. I pulled out my gun and defended my family, it didn't matter. The sound of the door downstairs breaking open and loud voices came from below. The proxies stopped in their advancement on me and I felt sick and overwhelmed all at once.

I turned around to find the suited monster behind me, I tried to fire the gun at it but there weren't anymore bullets left. I don't know how to explain what happened, I was staring at it one moment and the next I was waking up on the floor as Brood shook me. My mother was dead and my aunt was in critical condition, the agent promised to see to it she had protection and care.

I didn't tell Shady when I visited her. I didn't know what to say to her, I think she knew something was wrong because it was me who wasn't talkative. She worked her word games to see how far she could go and when she realized I wasn't getting into what happened she decided we should play checkers.

I hope my aunt lives.


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