Monday, November 5, 2012

Ninth visit 9/1/12

I went to visit her and she had set up a game of checkers. We played and talked. I asked if she was well and she said she was. I didn't believe her, I can see the dark circles under her eyes. She isn't sleeping still but the nurses haven't said anything about nightmares when I have asked. Shady isn't having them anymore so what is keeping her up? Her psychiatrist doesn't seem to know anything, says she's fine.

Is it the Advocate visiting? She said he hasn't been back yet which alerted me. He was obsessed so why hadn't he returned? I questioned it and she stopped staring at the board to look at me, there was something heavy weighing her down. She's planning something and I can see it in her eyes, I want to know what she's doing.

She never replied to my question so I asked about the Executor. Shady assured me things have quieted down but didn't clearly state whether he was still visiting or not. I'm going to assume he is, she wouldn't dance around the question if she had nothing to hide.

Shady became fed up with my questions and flipped the board across the room, "Can't you just be happy with this?"

It scared me to see her suddenly agitated, "Be happy when you're obviously not?"

"You should take what you can get, Joshua. We're having a good time and you just can't let these questions go."

"You're up to something, sis'. I'm worried about you like you were worried about me. Why can't anyone care about you?"

"It's not good for your health. If I have something in mind have some faith."

"Why don't you have some faith in me and just open up what you're keeping locked inside?"

"Because I don't know who you trust more right now, Brood or me." It stunted any response I had, I could see her shaking. It wasn't completely out of anger, I could see she was hurt too. "You should leave, take care of whatever is troubling you back at our home."

Shady shut off and began cleaning up the mess, I took her suggestion and left.


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