Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thirty-Fifth Post.

Because why the fuck not?

So... Prosper didn't kill someone I know this week. Least, not personally. A lot of you probably have seen this already, that he has killed Cam, Elaine's friend. Jake has disappeared, no idea if he was taken by Prosper or just ran. I'm worried for Elaine, especially after some things we have discussed and are still discussing privately.

I found on the path again something. A black satin sheet, you could make out in the sunlight blood. I confirmed with Elaine this was from Cam's bed. I am guessing Prosper popped back in or has separated from stalking Elaine for now. Was that a warning or something? Was he even trying to kill her? We've been talking, we both know him even if his real identity is still unknown. He was obviously employed back then as one of Executor's men still, the tattoos prove as much. What this could mean is still unknown, I wonder if Prosper even knew I was still alive and Elaine was out and about in the world still. If he did would that mean he's been watching this whole time?

Prosper, who the fuck are you? How long have you been around for?

It's apparent that he is acting on his own accord under Executor's orders. Not having anyone watching over his shoulder 24/7, it just shows that this guy is fucked up but efficient. That bugs me, it bugs me a hell of a lot.

Road Runner isn't any better. Seeing Trinity... God. Shit is still a mess. I haven't heard much from her, sometimes I think I see her moving out there but nothing can be confirmed. I don't know where she has been or why she has been so quiet. Should we be worried? Probably. She hasn't proven to be someone good even if she claims to be trying to assist us. Her methods fucking suck, and I don't mean they are full of fail I mean that they are just... Wrong, cruel, without mercy. Completely unorthodox. That's coming from me, that bitch that tortures folk. Fucks sake...

So I'm concerned. There was no Fifth Death, Prosper didn't announce Cam's (and maybe Jake's) death as the fifth. Does that mean the Fifth Death comes next? Without the week to separate or will he be back on schedule? I'm trying to figure out just who the hell it could be but I'm not getting anywhere. It's true, he's really killing off leads that I never even knew about and it's pissing me off. Dead and gone, all their experience, their memories, everything is just gone and I am left pulling together the pieces of their broken lives. What am I finding? Some old scrap papers? A few articles in the newspaper? Elaine, who was apparently in the same asylum as me as kids.

I can't remember.
Who the hell are you?
Who are you all and what are you to me?

One more article pulled and still I am not moving forward.
Trying to move forward and I find myself back two more steps before the week ends. How am I supposed to accomplish anything? How can I be their shield, your shield, if I am cracking?
And still... STILL there is no explanation as to why this is all happening. The root of it all, what started it, why as children were we already targeted. Mr. Sunshine... Why was he made into what he is now? Why are we all so fucked up, why are we chosen to not be blind to this all?

Do you want to be blind?

I wonder...
I will never be blind like them.
You cannot make me.

Heh. My position remains always, their shield. Their dented, paint chipping away, cracked, shield. My responsibility still remains... I will not abandon them. You. I will not be like the blind. I will not betray. Will not betray. Will protect you all.
Until my dying breath.

Until there is nothing left.

Stay safe,


  1. Shady, I'm sorry. I wish I could be more help...

  2. you will have no dying breath
    i will not let you
    for such as these

  3. Everyone will die anyway.
    They always do.

  4. Elaine, talking to you is doing plenty. We are missing a lot of answers but it is nice... A distraction and speaking with someone from the past, even if I don't remember you, that is doing a lot. Thank you, we should be getting you to recover... That's more important.


    And why not, Victor? Why should I live while some of them are dying, and have already died, for me? Did you not say before that you'd see my death swift, why now do you refuse what is obvious to happen?


    Trinity, everyone may die at some point but protecting those lives that are precious to you is what matters most. Letting someone die is easier than doing all you can to protect them.

  5. Don't apologize, hon. You are entitled to feel such grief, I just don't want your vision skewed and you to... Disappear during this unhappy time. Please don't lose hope, beautiful.