Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fucks Sake.


This is so bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Holyfuckingpiss this is bad.


I don't know where to even start. During the night, I guess? Yea. That works.

It was... God I don't even know what time it was. I was just wandering about the place, as usual. Lack of sleep, checking in on everyone. I noticed Ron was gone... Again. But then I saw so was Trinity, my attention was caught. I heard minor rustling and flipped open the switchblade while approaching it. Peeking through one of the holes I could make out a small figure wandering off and I knew who it was by first glance. Slipping out the door I followed Trinity through the woods, we must have gone five or ten minutes away but even so I couldn't see the mansion. Outside of the wards and on her tail, I was not feeling very positive.

Trinity hid herself up ahead and I ducked as well, weaving through the trees until I was closer. I came to an unusual scene, Ron speaking to a girl who looked identical to Trinity. My heart fell into my stomach, instantly my mind screamed doppelganger. I looked at Trinity who was right ahead of me now but it was too late, before I could reach her she darted forward questioning her brother. The doppelganger jumped almost directly after the questioning, attempting to do harm upon Trinity. Her brother shooed the clone, chasing her away and young Trinity followed. I swore beneath my breath and ran after them, my attention being caught by another figure. I ducked and watched as the doppelganger argued with Ron and took the first swing. Ron took the hit badly, his cheek being cut open as she launched, he backed off dodging her next attempted blow and retaliated violently. His hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her past him, flinging the doppelganger away a few feet.

Not a surprise she landed on her feet, it was a briefly halt before she sprang back up and latched onto his arm that was still lifted, her small figure swinging forward and kicking upwards, catching the underside of his chin. Her other leg hooked over his shoulder and she pulled herself onto his back so swiftly it was remarkable. Her arm wrapped around his throat in a chokehold and she clung to his back like she was just a little kid getting a piggyback ride.

I noticed a boy in my line of sight who flinched practically, my mind filled with concern on him being an enemy, possibly attempting to ambush them. Ron was protecting Trinity even if she was going unnoticed. Rather than interfere like I wanted to I began stalking towards this unknown male, trying to determine him as friend or foe. That was when something tightened around my ankle and I found myself flung upside-down and dangling, swaying back and forth. My vision was blurred as I tried to gain back my vision, a shadow appearing out of nowhere directly below me. Thin and colorful, Road Runner tilted her head up at me. I demanded she help me down but she did not answer, her head craned to look at the others fighting before back up to me, "My advice, let the traitor die." her whisper was like a hiss, it felt as if razors were slicing across my cheek just listening to the distortion that came from her, the echoes that followed. Her body that remained as always within a constant state of motion lifted an arm and she waved her hand before vanishing out of sight again.

I felt a bitch fit brewing and used it to try and pull myself up on the rope. Not easy, I ended up forcing the damn thing to swing until I was able to grab the nearest branch and climb up enough to cut myself loose. Hitting the ground I coughed and pulled myself up, I saw from the corner of my eye as Ron slammed his back into a tree, skidded down to raise her up some before grabbing her by the hair and flinging her off of him. Trinity called to her brother and it alerted her doppelganger's attention, on all fours she reached into her pocket and pulled out a knife before launching off and on top of Trinity. Ron threw the pretender off his sister and he wrestled down the doppelganger and froze, coughing and choking as he fell off her. Trinity was screaming as she ran to him, cradling his form.

My heart sunk as my veins boiled, I pulled onto all fours still coughing away from the impact and urged myself to my feet. She was screaming again and I went to take a step and stumbled slamming into a tree, my head dizzy as air rushed into my sore lungs. Trinity skidded backwards as fast as she could we her brother in her arms still, crying hysterically in agony and fear. The boy that was in my line of sight before bolted from his spot as the doppelganger hovered over my precious Trinity and her precious brother, he blindsided the pretender and knocked her off her feet. All I know is the doppelganger gasped painfully and never got back up, the boy moved to Trinity and kneeled at her side pulling her into his arms as she held her brother within her lap sobbing.

I left my spot in the woods and watched over them for a short time just waiting for her to calm down enough. She knew this boy, my suspiciousness oozed to the point where she even tried to stutter out an explanation. I stopped her at that time and leaned down brush some hair from her damp face, she couldn't stay here anymore. In this spot, in this place where her brother died. She needed to back off from here and breathe, having faith in what Trinity manage to mutter and what the boy, Timmy, had spoken briefly I asked him to return her to the mansion and awaken Mystery. He helped the child back to our sanctuary as I was left with the two bodies, my knife in hand flipping open and shut anxiously. I checked the bodies and found them gone, no pulse, no nothing.

Two kids dead before dawn.

I wanted to vomit.

Gathering myself I shoved the switchblade into my pocket and moved to Ron, the first body I'd be taking back to the mansion. Upon arrival Mystery was ready, she was upset by Trinity, by this all, but she was ready. A blanket ready as I brought the body to the back and we covered it for burial later. I departed again to get the second corpse, kneeling down and plucking the child's body off the ground, looking into the face that was identical to that of our Trinity's. I shook at the dead youth, the thought of this being how our beautiful Trinity would look... If we lost her, after everything... I returned to camp with the light body in my arms and set down the doppelganger for disposal later as well. Mystery covered her after taking a moment to stare into the face of the dead little girl. I could hear Trinity from out there sobbing, looking Mystery deadest in the eyes as I listened. I think she knew right then what was going through my mind as we stood before the bodies, listening... I think she knew the weight and the blame and all that shit that was beginning to settle on my shoulders.

I sat nearby the reunited children, until Trinity calmed and lightly dozed off from exhaustion. I whispered apology after apology, unable to remain I left during her slumber that morning. It was a short walk only because I found a new gift on the path from Prosper. An old nurses hat dangled from a branch with a tag dangling from it with that same smiley face to just add insult to injury.

Two kids dead before dawn and one nurse, knowing Prosper enough to know his schedule. I took down the present and stared at the bloodstained fabric, shaking, my eyes stinging so badly but nothing would come out... Nothing. And I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck was happening to me that I couldn't even cry.

Am I that bad? Is that what you're telling me, Prosper? And Road Runner... Just, just what the fuck is wrong with you? That was her brother, her kin! Are you insane?! I don't give a two shits if he was the traitor, you bitch! If I see you... If I see you ever again I'll-I swear I'll make you bleed and cry and feel every ounce of pain she does. You make me sick and I can't do this.

I can't, I can't do this anymore. Why am I still writing? Have to help Trinity, protect who is left. Screw this, it's the next morning already and I'm just done. Screw writing anymore.

Fuck. Just leave me alone.


  1. Oh fuck, Shady. I'm so sorry.

  2. Shit,this must be horrible.
    i'm sorry.
    but calm down (and i know it's really hard to calm down now) Shady,think wisely before doing something that could be could cost your life.
    take care.


  3. I warned you,
    you did not listen.
    Better this way,
    without the boy,
    without his traitorous ways.
    You will live another week.
    Sacrifices must be made.
    Hurry now and remember,
    you have forgotten far too much,
    for far too long.

  4. I’m so sorry Shady.

    Road Runner: Shut the fuck up and go away.

  5. and such iss the pain of birth into strength
    you are one step closer to the edge

  6. Another goddamn night of not sleeping. Why the hell not answer all of you, eh?

    Elaine, thanks. Is that even the proper response? I don't know, but thanks.

    Grunge, give me more credit. I'm not an impulsive moron. Stop telling me to calm down, it's only aggravating me more. Still, thanks.

    Road Runner... WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY? Learn to goddamn read. It's not better, it's not any fucking better. Are you out there? Can you hear her crying? Did you stop and just listen for the hours spent? I'll tell you what I told Victor, I hate sacrifices, there are other ways. Don't comment back, Road Runner. If you really know what you're doing you'll not comment back.

    Skan, thank you.

    Victor, this is hardly one step closer to anything. There isn't anything to rejoice, not when Trinity's brother is buried six feet under.

    Just going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time, guys. I'm not going to be as tolerant as I usually am until shit settles, that is your warning.

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  8. sorry Shady,i really should give you all the credits..
    i just don't want something bad happens to you,an very special ally..and friend (at least for me).
    yet i know you'll think before act,and when you do it,you'll do it well.
    good luck.

  9. Don't bother not killing these fucking bastards take em out, proxys cant be saved.

  10. Not all the credits, Grunge, just a bit. I appreciate your kindness, dear. Thank you.


    They can be saved you ignorant fool! That's the problem, no one is even fucking trying. And you know what happens when someone murders another? It just sets the bar higher for someone to outdo the last killer. If someone starts trying to help redeem them, because it's proven effective and that is CAN be done, then that raises the bar for another to come and try to do it or redeem more than the last person or invent other ways.

  11. Hehehe Shady, can you save me? I'd like to see you try. We can do a one on one counseling session. You can council me, I'll council you.

    Or should I add another death to this list?

  12. You've probably add more to the list without us knowing. Your version of a counseling session is most likely the opposite of mine.