Monday, July 11, 2011

Thirty-Second Post.

After today Ive come to the conclusion that I want my kin protected now that I have distanced myself from them. I refuse to abandon my family but I cannot be there as often anymore and it's only going to get worse. Mystery is going to make up some wards and protections for them for when they are home or moving about. From then on I will be working with those at the mansion, putting up information, I will pursue Prosper and I will end this.
Can't stop me now.
I've been not sleeping still... My appetite remains scarce. I've been using all that extra time to organize information to begin posting. I think I'm ready to begin soon. Fuck. I need a break though first, I think I'm going to give Mr. Sunshine a bath. He hid himself the last time but we managed to chuck some soapy water at him, heh. Going to see if Trinity wants to lend a hand, he rather likes her even if he seems to dislike Ron.

Stay safe,


  1. Probably a good plan.
    Be careful, Shady.

  2. Thank you, you be careful as well.

  3. Seems like things are really coming to a head. Lets hope it turns out okay...