Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twenty-Ninth Post.

Because we fucked currently we have to be fucked over some more. Mystery left yesterday to her family after the Executor's post. So I'm watching over the place. But I got a phone call, a noisy as fuck one. To put it shortly: It's not good.

It was a gurgled call, she was running. Telling me about visiting her sister at the asylum and that she was screwed over. The orderlies were in the background yelling at her, she made it outside and was running but... They got her. I've been setting up everything up to make sure they are all alright while I am gone. I trust Drake and his companion to handle things. I trust Mr. Sunshine to guard the place and the others to behave smartly and stay safe.

This post will be publishing itself at 12:30 A.M. as scheduled, around the time I should be arriving. Least estimations say so. Just so everyone has a timeframe if we're gone longer than we should be. Unlikely, I plan to break her the hell out. I will get her out.

Stay safe,


  1. Fuck. Stay safe, be careful.

  2. Hello, darling.
    I've arrived.

    What did you do with my pet?

  3. Thanks Elaine, we're back and safe.


    Thanks Skan, wasn't a blast but hell, we managed.


    Trinity, I had to get back Mystery. I apologize and have apologized many times now for having to leave you last night. But I came back, as I promised. I always will come back to you.


    Pardon, but who the hell are you, darling? And who is your "pet"?

  4. Take care, Shady. It seems things are taking a turn for the worse for many of the players in this game, and caution may be your best ally. Don't forget to look around you. Traps are everywhere.

  5. Thank you for your words. Glad you're home and safe, dear. Do remember your own advice, you'll no doubt be needing it now more than ever. Stay safe.