Friday, June 17, 2011

Twenty-Sixth Post.

A girl was screaming in the blackness this time, I woke up from my dazed state and stared into the emptiness surrounding me. The pitch intensified and I ran, no pain was here, leg not injured, spine, shoulder, it did not exist here and I really didn't care to know why. I just ran towards the voice who began screaming incoherent words before becoming muffled. A whirring came to life followed by a small humming, the muffled voice shrieked a few times before the screaming began again. I kept moving until I hit into something solid, and then all the lights just turned on. Whiteness engulfed my vision and I found myself standing in a bright hallway, far too white to be real. The tile beneath my feet was uncomfortably cold, the ceiling stained in some spots. Hard to focus when the screaming was going on, I looked to what I ran into and found it was a door, a thin window ran vertically down it.

It was strange, I couldn't see through it all too well, had to stand on my tip toes to see through the window fully. Within the room was a tilted back chair, a young girl strapped down with a mouth piece keeping her muffled. Her brunette hair pulled back, eyes wide and wildly looking between the people in white. I recognized what was occurring here from previous studies, Electroconvulsive therapy. I yanked at the handle of the door but it wouldn't budge, I could hear them starting for another round. The girl's screaming began again and it only served to raise my adrenaline. Fucks sake, I couldn't stop shaking.

"What are you doing out of your room?"

A voice came from the right, I looked up to see a tall man, face covered by a white surgeon's mask. I was frozen against my better judgment, my feet wouldn't move and my skin tingled with a fear I could even describe. His head tilted while awaiting a response but nothing came forth. All I could hear was my breathing which only grew louder as his hand reached down and grasped ahold of the fabric I wore. The moment he began dragging me away from the door was the moment I left first person and entered observer mode, watching as my childhood self was pulled further and further down the bright hallway.

"What you're feeling now is just going to get worse."

I looked to my left at the Caged One, she looked younger than how she usually appeared. Her hair was lighter, the dirty blonde mine used to be in the past years before it darkened, her eyes were a blue-grey, a color that mimicked fathers when they shifted through the color cycle. Her lips curved up into a secretive smile as she walked right by me and headed down the hall, following the dream child.

"It's only just beginning."

"What is just beginning, exactly?"

"Your life."

I looked at the door where the unknown girl was, through the window I saw an empty room. The building had fallen into silence, shutting down bit by bit. The Caged One's figure slowly began fading into the brightness; the white gown she wore began merging into the whiteness, becoming one with it.

"You really should wake up."

I watched as she gave a careless two-finger wave before the blackness crushed the dream, or memory, or whatever this was. Standing in the hollowness I felt no peace. I collapsed, sitting with my knees propped up to my chest, fuck sleep... It would seem this was not going to be a restless waste of time.


And then morning came hours later, and I was right. Exhausted and not rested in the least, I fell into silence most of the day. Healing up fine, Mystery's remedies for the bruises and scrapes Tzamain gave me helped a lot. My leg is healing, slowly but hell; I'm not going to complain as long as I can still use the damn thing.

Decided it was high time Mr. Sunshine got a bath, too. I headed out to get some stuff we could use at the house and passed through the ward Mystery had put up. Immediately beginning on my usual path I was just barely out of sight of the house when I came across something most unflattering. Directly in the center of my usual walking path was a stick standing vertically, and upon that stick was a decaying head. Let me clarify... This head was from the missing body of my doppelganger. To put it simply when Mystery and I hid the body to deal with securing the unconscious Mr. Sunshine it went missing, I mean, we assumed it was an animal since there are some hungry bastards (and the Jersey Devil). When no news came up it was a relief to know a person didn't find and take it, so we were left to assume it was a hungry critter.

This was unexpected and disgusting. Her decaying face, well, my decaying face stuck on a branch. Looked like something out of a bad movie. So... I did what any half-sane person would do; I walked up, pulled out the stick, and headed back to the mansion with it. I stepped inside the ward and called Mystery out only, really not wanting Trinity to have to see this. Mystery was none too pleased; we looked at the decayed head and could see that shoved within the mouth was a folded piece of paper. I felt myself scowl as I tugged out the paper, laying the stick and head on the ground. Unfolding the paper I read over what was said, I'll write it out here for you guys.

Th3 1u<k\| 0n3s DI3 Fir7t

If you guys haven't guessed yea, it's no doubt Prosper. Looking over his blog it pretty much just clicks. I shoved the note into my pocket and decided to dig a hole within the ward to bury the head. Nothing would get it now, it could just fade and cease to exist.

So... Eventful sleep, eventful day, I got the supplies for bathing Sunshine. Going to see how that goes tomorrow. Need to think about the dream part, take some time to process it later.

Stay safe.


  1. Sounds like someone's getting in over their head. You know, when you have to hang around ann abandoned house for safety, you probably need to start looking over your choices to figure out what went wrong.

    That aside, I've been out of the game long enough. My hand still hurts like a bitch, and God only knows if I'll need to amputate eventually. But I wouldn't be much of a gentleman at all if I didn't offer to help a lady in need.

    I don't know how long it takes you to put up those wards and all that, but I can probably donate some money so you can stay in a Motel Six. If you're gonna rest and recover, do it in a place where you can actually rest.

    ...On second thought, stick with the home. Probably better in the long run. I'll see if I can't get you guys some money so you can get things up to snuff around there.

  2. But maybe we like our abandoned mansion warded off by magical properties. You know... You can't introduce yourself with a proper handshake if your hand is about to fall off, dear. But how nice of you to offer help even so.

    Are you joking about the Motel Six, have you not seen the Runners that camp out at those places? What happens to them, I should say. The wards will do nicely to keep out further intruders. Definitely safer in the long run, even if it is a (beautiful) shoddy place at the moment.

    Mind if I ask why you're offering your help? Not that it isn't appreciated... I just snooped your blog and well, you're intelligent enough to understand or even guess why I'd be curious and ask.

  3. Because, dear. I'm a human being, you're a human being. You're in need, I'm in a position to help. It's not really rocket science, is it? It costs nothing from me, and it'll help me sleep a little better at night.

    Offer's still on the table. Shouldn't be leaving any time soon.

  4. Rocket science? Hardly. How often do you see supportive people in this game, though? Technically it is costing you, but not in a harmful way. I'll have to discuss assistance from you with my companions. So I do hope you can be patient for a short bit, dear.

  5. We have discussed it and agreed to accept your offer. How would you prefer to go about this?

  6. I would prefer as little contact as possible. I've stayed out of the spotlight this long, I'd prefer not to spoil it this soon. Give me a week and I'll have the money to you.

    Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

  7. You obviously don't know me all that well, questions are something I enjoy. Unless you know me well enough to know that, hence are taking them away, and if so I must say this to you: Tsk, tsk.

    We have the time to spare at the moment, assistance is appreciated either way. Stay out of the spotlight all you like, I suppose I'll just have to go about the long way to understanding you. How fun~

  8. There are some things people simply aren't meant to know. You'd think after all the Slendershit, you'd understand that. I can't go into detail about how I'll get the money about you, because it's nor really my place to tell.

    But I'll do everything I can to lend a hand. Don't be afraid to ask if something comes up.

  9. I was not asking about the money, more about questioning the individual that was sending it. Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back. Or her, if you want to get technical. I'll behave for now, though, to the best of my abilities.

    Likewise to you. I am willing to assist should you find yourself in need of it.

  10. Wow. Hi, I'm Elaine.
    Just found your blog today, and I have to say I'm amazed. You are one hell of a tough bitch (and that's meant in the best way possible). Good on you for surviving all of this crap. Get in touch, if you have the time. I think we might could help each other out.

  11. Heh, Elaine, nice entrance. I do my part to be a tough bitch. Let me read what you've got and then we can talk. Or you can start telling me what's on your mind right now while I do so.

  12. To put it simply, we're both looking for answers. You have a rather unique perspective. I have... well, a lot of curiosity and the lack of concern for myself that means I'm willing to do the crazy experimenting. You've mentioned a couple of theories I'd love to test, and your experience in lucid dreaming, dealing with these bastards raises some interesting questions.
    As does your friend Sunshine.
    I'm not going to make any grand promises to help, because I have no idea if I can pull any of this off. But I'd love to try.

  13. Well, assisting others is what I do. You seem decent so far, no offense. Rather liking your approach, dear, way to catch my interest. I'd be happy to answer your question.
    Mr. Sunshine is an... Interesting case, I wouldn't be surprised about your interest in the big lug.

    Help can come in even the smallest of sizes, sometimes a conversation is all one needs. Provides something to ponder over which will give way to new ideas and methods, all in all conversation is a form of helping. The base of it, even. I look forward to our conversations.

  14. No offense taken, and I do definitely have a flair for an entrance.
    To be honest, before I found your blog, I hadn't even found much of anyone who thought Proxies COULD be redeemed, much less actively attempted to do so. Everything about your experience is Interesting, as you term it.
    Drop me a line. My email is

  15. Heh, glad you picked up on my "interest" habit. Killing is far too easy, my dear. Humanity is never lost, only misplaced. It's just people killing people still. Have to put yourself in their position. On top of that you have to learn self restraint. Killing is easy, keeping someone alive is not.

    I'll be emailing you shortly.

  16. Proxys being redeemed this is a interesting idea, In my line of work it has always been shoot first ask questions later.

  17. Killing is easy, protecting and saving is hard. Worth it. You should try considering other methods than killing. More than willing to give you some ideas to try out, dear.