Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Freaking Birthday: Part One.

I'll start from June 1st and work backwards... Eventually.


Once I knew where I was going it was an easy trek. I ended up taking the back way, which was mostly downhill and was easier on the leg. I ended up on my property in the evening, walking down the road to the front of it and hobbling alongside the brook. Heading to the shed I just wanted to sit down and breathe for a few minutes before I began scouting out the place, but I couldn't even do that with all the ruckus coming from behind the shed. Concern laced through me and I grabbed the axe from inside the garage and bolted back, thinking the worse. Arriving I saw it wasn't my kin but others. My eyes first landed on the body, of a girl who looked just like me in every way. Her torso was exposed, ripped open; everything that was inside was now outside all around her. Her face was deeply clawed across, there wasn't a spot on her that wasn't bruised or cut it looked like.

Some distance from the doppelganger was Mr. Sunshine, on his side and partly curled. My heart jerked roughly, the childhood image of him flashing before my eyes. His shoulders moved a fraction, alerting me he was alive. Relief flooded that he was merely unconscious. No need to check on him, not when a third figure still stood. Female, tall, reddish-brown hair, I sought the basic details only at that moment. She turned and my ever changing eyes met with dark grey ones, reflected briefly by the glasses. Alert the woman was and I didn't stop my advancing. She pulled up the stick as I brought up the axe and swung down, cleaving it in two with a growl.

The woman tried to say something but I couldn't hear between the heavy breathing and fast heart beats. I pulled the axe out of the ground with a jerk, preparing to advance again when a chunk of wood hit me in the side of my head. I lifted my attention to her, seeing she had flung the chunk, perhaps in an attempt to knock me out. Now only left with one half of the branch she was. My nose wrinkled as I came at her once more, she dodging as I swung. We played this game of axe verses branch for a few times until I came around with a side swing, a weaker thrust that lodged itself into the branch rather than breaking through it. The woman quickly twisted the stick, pulling the axe from my grasp and chucking it to the side.

"Ok, now we can talk--"

I leaped forward and punched her without hesitation. She began to take on the defensive side, while I, being the offensive one, pursued. It was a messy fight, not even proper conduct of any form of fighting styles. We were just tearing into one another, or more-so I was while she was trying to defend. She only struck when necessary, clipping me in the face. The woman grabbed my bad arm by the wrist and twisted, trying to turn me around. I slammed down on her foot and spun, my bad arm already making a fist and landing the blow to her stomach. I had to back off and crack my shoulder before advancing once more. It was back to dodging, kicking, and punching. She slapped me across the face, I tried to break her wrist, her foot kicked me in the ribs, I tried to break her nose, she went for the hair and I hit her in the chest to back her the hell off me. I threw her back into a tree, she grabbed around stick and came at me, whacking me one in the back shoulder again. I growled, feeling it vibrate in my throat and grabbed the stick, yanking it down and kicking it, splitting it in two like the last.

I stepped to the right, she did the same. I kept moving for a reason, kept my eyes locked on her dirt stained face. Three, two, one, and there she was. I ran at her, chucking my half of the stick to her head which she deflected with her own half, arms raised. I sneered and rammed her mid-section, tackling her to the ground with my own body weight. My hand grabbed the axe she fell next to and raised it in one hand above my head, the other held down her chest while I sat on her torso. Everything was on fire; Mr. Sunshine was in my peripheral vision, the dead corpse as well.

kill her kill her kill her kill her kill her killherkillherkillherkillherkillherkillherkillherkillherkillherKILLHERKILLHERKILLHERKILLHERKLLHERKILLHER!

I could feel the muscles moving, stretching and contracting, my right arm twitched, everything felt slowed down as my arm thrust down the axe. Her scream is not what stopped it, it was what she screamed. My arm felt as if it was going to snap right off by how hard I reversed the thrust and pulled the breaks.

"Broken sword! Broken sword!"

The words echoed in my head as I stared down at the woman I had pinned. My breathing deepened a fraction as I rasped out a hiss. The raised axe shook, my mind worked to process who this woman was. Anger vibrated, paranoia leaked through easily, I wonder if she knew I was trying to burn a whole right through her skull with my glare.

I had to know, though.

Forcing my weight onto my left hand I leaned down to the older woman, my axe lowering to the side of her face in warning, "Don't try." Were the only words I rasped, feeling the need of a glass of water. With a grunt I pulled myself off her forcefully and stood, weapon ready to attack. I glanced to Mr. Sunshine, still breathing, still alright. I worked on trying to reduce my heart rate, watching as the girl pulled herself up slowly. No doubt hurt, I figured, but my patience was thin right now. This was not what I wanted to be dealing with the evening I got home, the evening of my birthday, the birthday a doppelganger enjoyed in my place. My grip tightened on the axe, the thought of it seeing my kin, being with them, enjoying them... A fucking day when we acted like a family shot to hell!

The axe was tempted to be raised and say "fuck it!" to this all but I restrained; the urge to kill was far easier to act upon than the act of refraining from it. And I was not a person that went the easy way. Aching, bleeding, leg no doubt reopened, I scowled and uttered two words, "Speak quickly."


  1. I don't even know what to say, I'm so sorry.

    Stay safe, please we all need you.


  2. Something seems familiar about this blog post. Like I've read one line before. It keeps nagging at me.

  3. Thank you, Mii.


    Perhaps you have then. Or perhaps you just recognize the person writng writing it.

  4. Most likely. We know little of one another.