Thursday, June 2, 2011

Twenty-Fourth Post.

I... Am sore. Clean, but sore. And rather pleased to be using tiny font again. Seriously, just zoom if you can't read this small.

I'm alright. To put it briefly (longer version later) I ended up coming home the evening of my birthday. Heard a lot of racket, so I ran to the back of the property, grabbing an axe along the way. Found some woman standing about, Mr. Sunshine was unconscious and my doppelganger was... Just shredded open, her entire torso exposed and rearranged. I pretty much mauled the woman, and we tumbled around till I pinned her, axe raised and about to cleave her head in two. Well... That's one way to make first impressions in the flesh, eh Mystery?

So I hobbled around and we secured Mr. Sunshine, dragged off the body to deal with and yea. Mystery is staying at our super cereal new clubhouse with Mr. Sunshine and I'm changing the bandages on my injuries. Makeup isn't going to cover up all this shit, so... I'm at least happy my mess of a hair can block my face and neck enough, and it's not unusual for my family to see me like such. No idea how to explain the leg, but I can straighten up and tough it out the brief moments I pass by them. Least, I hope.

Anyways, we're safe, if not a bit sore and uneasy in the mind. I think with Mystery present I can feel a bit less stressed. Here's to hoping.
Have to figure out what to do with Mr. Sunshine too. After what the Executor dragged out of my mind I just don't know. I'm not going to kill him. I think I'm understanding now why he was that way before. I may not remember him yet, but I know enough to not abandon him. I'll bring the heart rocks he left tomorrow, and hopefully then I can get some answers. This guy... He's not some man tearing people apart. I think-I think he's still a kid, innocent inside, just grown and corrupted by Him. I spent a bit of my time just watching him sleep, without the hood, without the double masks. It's not ok.

I've been thinking about it since I left.
I'm going to protect him or die trying.
I won't fail you again.

Going to fix up some shit... I took the mask the Executor made for me. That he used on me. I keep looking at it, staring into the empty eyes. What he has done will not go without punishment. I have positioned myself on this side, to help those that need it. It does not mean I cannot, or will not bend my methods. Executor, we both have seen what this one is capable of doing, do not think I won't just because of the side I am upon. This goes for the Advocate too. Prosper, I know you're still nearby also, so this goes to you also.
I was tempted to encourage Victor, not that he would need it. Believe me though, I was tempted. I just felt that trash like you wasn't all that good for anyone. Still, I am glad he is safe, even if you are still alive.

Everyone, thank you for the support. I read over the things said... Especially when I sat down to read what the Executor posted. My honor is weird and minor, but I can honestly say I an honored to have you guys at my side.

Mystery, I am glad you are alright. And... I'm not apologizing about the whole "nearly cleaved my axe into your face" thing. Feh. You are comfy to sit on, though. Ha!

I need to start doing some catch up work, though. I'll be around for a short bit and all if you need me here or on Youtube.

Stay safe, dears,



  2. It's a date then, Tzamain!
    Be seeing you~


  4. In older cultures, mainly Asian and Prussian ones, masks were worn, or at least carried, to give the wearer strength in battle. These masks weren't of things the wearer liked. Rather, they were of monsters, demons, and creatures that plagued the person that wore the mask.

    What Ex did to you was foul, of that there is no doubt. But not without it's own silver lining. That mask you have could easily become a symbol of strength for you. Having it could show both your enemies and yourself the power and sheer grit it took to survive.

    I don't know if I'm making much sense. Just try to keep on the positive side of things. You're not dead. You're not His. Mystery is alive, and you're free, at least for now. There is always a silver lining.

  5. Expert in Smartassery, darling. Look forward to seeing your pretty face.


    Is there a proper name I can call you, dear?

    Executor used the mask to try and brainwash me into a role I refused to convert to. I understand what you are speaking of, the meaning of the masks but I do doubt Executor was intending that. And I refuse to wear a mask he made for his... Disgusting intentions. For now it is a reminder that I may use against him in the future.

    Your words will be processed, I may have use for them in another light now that I think about it, heh. You've given some nice ideas.

    Not dead. Not His. Mystery is very much alive. Free? I wonder, but this is enough for now. I am aware of the silver lining, it is always there. The streak that only briefly catches a person's attention, but not long enough to hold onto it. The undertone to every voice.

    So nice to be back.
    Your response was quite thoughtful, darling.

  6. Oh grow up, Tzamain... How old are you? You rage like a 15 year old child. You want respect and a position of leadership in your group, well, I gotta say I'm not too impressed with your agents. I took one captive, and he broke like an eggshell. That's the kind of group you want to lead?

  7. I'm glad that you are 'OK'.
    I don't know if that is the right word to use in such a situation.

    You are strong, stronger then what i could ever be.
    keep at it.


  8. Very nice, Mystery.


    Thank you, dear. Is there a name I can call you?

    Not true. You are just as strong, you just have to find your strength. Perhaps you have discovered some of it, eh? Have to find where the rest of it lies. You're a strong one, darling, you just don't know it yet.

  9. You can call me Melissa/Mii or simply I_L if you wish.

    There is a possibility I have discovered some of it, if only I could put it to use.

    Keep going.

  10. My Shady! How pleased I am to see that you are now safe! And in numbers, no less! There cannot possibly be anything much safer than that, hmm?

    So long it has been since we have last spoken, truly! I have missed you, my lovely Lady. Though I am greatly satisfied that you are with Mystery, and that you are no longer isolated in the forest.

    I hope it shall be soon that we meet, Shady. I will bring you ice creams that we can share! You must try them - they are magnificent indeed.


  12. Stay back, Tzamain! If you try to hurt my Siblings, I will slit your throat and laugh as your blood mixes with your useless, pitiful tears of pain. Take me seriously, Tzamain. She has been through enough, and you are not helping her recover. Get lost.

  13. Mii is unique.

    If you would like some help I'll do what I can like I have for the others. One more way for you to stay safe and be protected.


    Safety in numbers I doubt applies here, dear Trinity. But it is comforting no less.

    Silly Trinity, I've had ice cream before and it would most likely melt by the time we meet. But guess what? I have some here at the house. Plenty for you and your brother. I have missed you, darling. I am glad to see you safe as of now. I do hope it stays that way, seeing you harmed is not something I want.

    Do not let Tzamain provoke you, dear. Mystery and I can handle his little temper tantrums just fine.


    Tzamain, you're already running late for our date. You better have brought flowers to make up for it.

    PS: The humor is not useless, it has worked so far, has it not? Heh.

  14. Can't even pronounce TZAMAIN

  15. Haha, Nil, I enjoy hearing from you. It's always amusing or interesting.