Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twenty-something Post.

Captured by Executor and Advocate
Dont know how long
Mind fucked
Time distorted
Dont know
Sitting on a rock in woods
Dont know where
Got out hours ago
Kept running
Was in an abandoned building
Bad smell
Covered in dry blood
Tattered clothes
A mess

Shit is fucked up
Mind somewhat dissected but Executor couldnt get what he wanted
Broken mind
Physical torture was bad
I laughed to spite them
I unwillingly cried from natural reaction
I yelled very nasty things at them
Didnt help
Felt good though
They hated when I was silent
So I was mostly

If you see a man with a white mask
Aark rings around the eyes
And a giant X across the lower half of its face
That means you just got mind fucked by the Executor
Oh yes
Figures his mask would look a little like bondage
Or is that just me?
Have to have something to chuckle about
Something at least

Beware of the Advocate
He wears a white masquerade mask
Black tribal symbols around eyes
One side of mask bare
Other covered in symbols
Maybe occult

Will post Twitter updates
Every few hours
Post here nightly
Till I find my way home
And murder the replacement that wears my face

Stay safe

It is so dark and cold out here


  1. "Figures his mask would look a little like bondage
    Or is that just me?"

    Nah, I was kind of expecting it, too.

    Good luck, though. I hope you get out of this alive and relatively sane, I really do.

  2. Shady, I've found the building. You're right. It is not a nice place.

    And don't worry, anything the Executor tries I've experienced it tenfold

  3. Thank you Dante
    I am trying
    Once drugs are out of system
    All will be better


    Not Executor I worry about
    He is being chased already
    But others swarm now
    New Jersey is a hot zone
    All different proxies
    Ranging in abilities

    Do not linger there
    It smells like hell
    Stay safe Glass Man
    Want you safe