Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twentieth Post.

Better to write something, I guess.

How are you?

Alright. Bones are still a bit bruised and all but otherwise I am alright. Frustrated, confused, all that junk still. But alright.

What have you been doing?

Looking for answers and talking to you all, of course. Well, you all on Youtube mostly.

Anymore breathing?

Since that post? Once more. Quiet now. Strange, but nice.

Mr. Sunshine back yet?

Still no sign of the guy. I'm confused and concerned.

Anymore death threats?

Really? You want to see that list? I get death threats even off this site. Ha!

How are the dreams?

Black and silent. Comforting. I'm still awake but I look forward to that silence in a few minutes.

Finding any answers?

Yes. I've been keeping some notes, it's a matter of organizing them now. I'll be posting that all soon. <---- Regarding the area I live in and all.

What is happening with Bad Man Walking's account?

An old friend hacked it and now it is under my control. I am scoping it out for information and will decide further on what to do with it afterwards. No. You may not have it either.

Who is the Executor?

I don't know, some douche in a suit. I just added him to the death threat list too, used my right hand when writing his name to make it extra fugly. Heh.

What are you planning to do?

That's a vague question. I'm getting answers posted up here. Healing up the rest of the way. Solving my equation. Helping out others. Surviving. Trying to get answers. The works.

How is that ol' self esteem doing?

...You have to ask?
Seriously. It's as it usually is. The only difference is I'm setting myself up with value, seeing it more. Does it lift my mood? No. But hey, now I'll be having more reason to survive and fight for my life. Makes it that much more of a pain in the ass to keep me down.

What are you doing now then?

Watching funny Team Fortress 2 videos on Youtube and watching old Loony Toon cartoons on TV at this hour. Least Cartoon Network put on something good finally. :P
I could really use these old shows. I think my snark came from watching this and Tom and Jerry as a kid. Love it. Love everything about it.

Your smartassery is back, is that a good thing?

For me: Yes. For you: Possibly no. Will I stop?: Nope.

What information will you be posting?

About the fires, child abductions, and whatever else I figure out about myself, I guess. Basically your usual rounds of psychobabble you get from me, with a dose of facts. Nice, eh?

When will you be posting it?

Soon. Some people want to be thorns in my side. I've had thorns in my side before, sides, actually. Not fun. Not fun at all. In any case... I'm plucking them out first or I'll be writing in CAPS to show my anger. -_-

Why were you so quiet the last few days?

I was active on Youtube. I honeslty didn't know what to write here. After that incident nothing seems to amount much. Getting answers from it are proving to be difficult. I don't know where to go from here with it, I just need to think and talk to those involved. Which is proving even more difficult. I've never been good with people up close, just figuring out how to approach someone is hard enough. I like the distance of just watching them. With all this extra baggage on what happened it makes things that much more difficult. I'd ask to be contacted by those involved but when has that ever worked?

Who were you apologizing to before you passed out?

Her. To you she'll never be anything more then a vague memory. I think she's trying to remind me of something, I'm getting impatient trying to figure out what it is.
You will not learn anything past that. She is only ever included because I am giving you information on what is happening on my behalf. If she pops up she pops up, we aren't going past that for privacy reasons.

Have you remembered anything else?

Not really, no. My dreams have just been one black void of silence. Nothing is around here to stand out and give me answers. I've been digging away trying to find them. I remember... Nothing. Nothing new anyways. Hate it.

Anything funny happen?

I stumbled about 323765423 times off to the side and into something. My head board once, the crates in my room a few times. Door frame more times then I can count. Ughs. My balance has been off. I blame my spine. It never liked me.
Oh, and apparently my dog got drunk. That was ridiculously funny. I scolded my sibling but shit, that dog needed to get the stick out of his ass. Seriously.


I figured I'd just leave something at least. Been what? Six days now?
Sorry about that. Been doing replies on Youtube, if you want faster responses that's the best place to contact me.
However, when it comes to this blog I put a lot of time and thought before writing. Minus when it is just babbling.

Still here for the moment. Bit annoyed, but hell, when aren't I?

Will be posting something of use soon. Bound to happen. Bad shit likes to find me, and I have a tendency to walk right into it too. Heh.

Stay safe,

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