Friday, July 20, 2012

Forth visit 7/22/12

Shady was incredibly calm today. She wore a faint smile on her face and didn't say anything for a while. We sat mostly in silence at first before I asked how she was.

"Good. I was able to sleep. How are you?"

"Concerned for you mostly. The Advocate said he was coming for a visit and I'm trying to help keep him away." Her smile only grew. "He already visited, didn't he?"

"I slept very well." I choked a little. "Don't worry, you prude. It's not what you're thinking."

I frowned. "So you two..."

"No shotgun wedding is necessary, though he may enjoy such a thing." Her eyes rolled. "I'm not exactly innocent, you know."

I pointed at her. "Stop. I didn't drive here to talk sex." Her smile turned into a devious grin. "We'll talk about all of that later. He didn't hurt you, did he?"

She traced the cut on her face. "No, none of these are from him. We simply enjoyed one anothers company. He made the screaming quiet down for a night, it was pleasant."

I don't get how a guy that insane could quiet whatever screaming she's hearing in her head. I'm not all that happy he visited her but if it's the reason she's so calm I have to be thankful, if only for the results of the matter. Advocate, you can still go fuck yourself off a cliff.

"The Tall Man has been outside." that got my attention. "Just stands there, doing nothing. It came in here once before and I had awoken to its presence. We watched each other. I don't understand. Some days I think I'm just hallucinating those sightings. Why doesn't it do anything?"

"Maybe because it's already doing something without you realizing it. You're doubting yourself and what you see. What happened to those detective eyes?"

"Maybe they were taken."

I watched as she fell silent and tried to keep her talking. "Are you okay?"

"I don't like not seeing."

"Not seeing what, Shady?"

"The truth."

She became unresponsive after that, a few mumbled words but she mostly sat in silence. I talked to her for a while but it seemed less with her and more at her. Shady lost motivation to care after our talk and I left sometime afterwards.


  1. I'm told one set of screams can drown out another.