Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/12: A Visitor

I'm home, as in at the house I grew up in. I plan to stay here until the deed is done and the aftermath taken care of. After yesterday and all I just feel more motivated to get all this shit done. Like I said, I plan to post only necessary shit that happens, anything else that happens can be told about later. I don't have the patience to deal with writing it all.

First: Dia called me after the run in she had with my same visitor. Let me rephrase, she called me during the encounter, except I was listening in from her pocket. Course, by reading her post you'll see the Advocate discovered the cellphone and shot it with my friend's gun. After she woke up sometime later she gave me a call, after I called her house a few times. She let me know she was alright, physically, and only had some blood taken and what not. I made it very well known on that call that the Advocate was going to brutally attacked for doing such to her. We calmed each other down effectively.

I listened and supported as she was gathering together some things to head out. We discussed her thoughts and condition, as well as her own situations. She calmed me and reminded me of the things I needed to do, the things at risk. Thank you, Dia. You successfully prevented me from not using the handgun I keep in my room on Advocate tonight from our previous calls. All the credit goes to her for my self control.

Tonight's topic: A Visitor
The moment I heard his voice I left my room and bolted to the front door. My mother was about to call my name and looked surprised by how fast I arrived. I was hoping I was just hearing shit but I wasn't, the Advocate not only decided to visit but he used the front door. I strode over, grabbing his arm and pulled him along.

"Who is that, honey?" I could hear my mother, my father's face alarmed at the unknown male in our house.

"Mysterious stranger!" I called jokingly, their chuckling gave me the moment I needed to shove the Advocate through my door. I looked back at my brother who was eagerly trying to follow us in. "Lucas, go play Five Star with Cassie." I ordered, he playfully whined walking away as I shut the door and immediately rounded on the Advocate, swatting at his arm, "What the hell were you thinking!"

He giggled, catching my hand after taking a few hits. "Oh, is it so bad that I decided to visit you? Besides, you asked me for help with your plot for le familia." He patted the satchel at his hip, I folded my arms loosely as I watched him mill about the room, seemingly intrigued in body language. "Nice place, I especially like the bed." He said in a suggestive manner, chuckling. I nearly rolled my eyes.

"You would." I grumbled, moving to clear a pile a books from my desk chair before taking a seat. "You damn well know you could have avoided the front door." I sighed. "But you're here now. So... Anything I should know about the compound?"

"The front door is much more fun." He began humming absentmindedly before spinning on his heel to face me. "Hohoho, straight to the point then." I leaned back in the chair watching as he dug through his satchel, first pulling out a syringe with yellow liquid inside of it. As he continued to fumble around another object almost was knocked out, and I noted it to the Joshua's gun. Tempted to snatch it I refrained, there were more important matters at hand. "Wouldn't wanna lose that." Advocate giggled, finally pulling out another vial of green foam out. "Hehe, so it's very simple. Apply the green formula to the accelerator of your zombie kin's car, and then inject the yellow chemical which is what makes the pressure foam go crazy, but it's got a little bit of a... Hehe, well it takes a little time to respond. So make sure your family is going on a decent driving distance, or else it won't kick in at the right time." He picked up one of my books and idly flipped through the pages before continuing, "Once activated by the yellow mix, the green foam will go wild and lock up the accelerator. Minor, tinsy-winsy detail: The foam evaporates quickly after activation. So do NOT," I emphasized, "activate it unless you know that they'll be driving soon. After the crash, the chemicals will have cleaned themselves up without a trace." He passed the two mixes between his hands as he spoke. "I know getting the timing right can be a tad bit tricky, hehehe, nothing worthwhile is ever really that easy. But you'll be clear once the dirty deed is done..." He laughed loudly, "And it's a done dirt cheap."

I glanced at the crack at the bottom of my door, searching for any eavesdropping shadows. Advocate of course had my complete and utter attention otherwise. "Timing isn't an issue, they still dance to the same tune. Attend the same schedule, like broken record players. It will be done come Saturday, the aftermath cleaned up by the end of the following week." I responded with indifferently, leaning on the arm of the chair as my finger tapped my cheek calmly. I glanced at the door again, noticing a shadow. "Lucas!" I called him out, rolling my eyes at his fading giggles as he fled. "And what about housing conditions until then?" I asked, returning my focus to him.

"Keep the activator," He wiggled the yellow substance. "refrigerated. Keep the foam at room temperature. The foam reacts badly to being refrigerated. Hehehe, bad reaction, fun to watch though."

"Alrigthy." I reached across the desk and snatched a small box. "You can set them down there for now." Because you're sure as hell not following me around the house as I get them set up in proper places. "Thanks again. You know, this makes three debts now. You should really give me a list so I can start repaying you." I mused.

"Just don't break the vial." He chuckled and sauntered over to where I was. With a giggle he plopped himself onto my lap, I'll admit I squeaked at the sudden weight. "Hehe, oh yes, I'll start on that list daaaaarling." The Advocate wrapped his arms around my neck. "So, I was thinking about all this baby talk." I could hear in his tone he was poking fun.

I stared flatly at him for a moment before chuckling, "You do realize kids between us would doom the entire galaxy, right?" I couldn't help but smirk. It brought an amusing image to mind as I returned the teasing. "Your baby fever is cute, though."

I felt him twitch, "Cute? Ew." His flat tone was followed by a chuckle. "Looks like I'll have to balance the scales... Hehehehehehe." He leaned into me, whispering into my ear. "I've got just the thing in mind." The Advocate pulled out a fresh syringe, I did a double take before looking at his mask. "Do you mind?" He was giggling, tapping the needle against his mask.

"I'm not going to bother asking where you pulled that from." I responded with a sigh. "As long as you don't use it to frame a murder on me or anything, no, I don't mind." I said, not even surprised he'd ask me such.

"Yay! Thank you for not making this harder than it needs to be." The Advocate said excitedly as he pulled out a band-aid from his satchel. Grabbing my arm he drew the blood, "Golden." He chuckled, applying the band-aid. "Quick and painless, right?" He giggled, eying the blood in a way that looked like he was... Treasuring it, by body language. I don't even...

"Yes, thank you doctor. You work miracles." I said, pretend admiration lacing my voice. "Now can you hop off Santa's lap so the chair doesn't break?" I groaned, motioning for him to hurry up off me.

The Advocate leaned in close once more, giggling. "What if I want the chair to break?" The question went unanswered, he hopped off me a second later and straightened his tie. "Hm..." He was looking over my blood again. "I can't wait to see how you react to Venus..." Carefully he set the syringe in a box and then into his bag. "Very important." He mumbled and then returned his attention down to me. "So how's that sexy scar of yours?"

Getting out of the chair myself I lifted and finger and traced the scar, showing its circular size. "Big and still sore. Got all the rusty chips out, though, so it's healing nicely." I said with relief. It fled quickly as I placed a hand on my hip, looking up at him, "And what is Venus? A new project of yours?"

"Yes ma'am, hehehe, it's a doozy. I'm sure you'll... Love it." He said as he began to casually circle around me. I followed him with my eyes, glancing at the hand that came to rest on my shoulder. "It's a very special project. Very special. Hehe." His hands found their way around my waist a moment later. "It's not perfected yet, though. It keeps blowing up all the test subjects." A low chuckle followed that comment. "Fascinates me every time. Hehehe, so have you tried any of those mixes I gave you yet?"

"I haven't because your mixes tend to have violent effects... Like blowing up." I shook my head. "You know, things blowing up around you is starting to become a trend. Might want to do something about that." I teased before curiosity took over now that we were on this topic. "So what are in those mixes you gave me, dear? Anything that will explode or I should be cautious over?"

"Oh, you'll just have to wait and see." He tapped his forehead. "But be smart and avoid injecting any of them into yourself. Hehe, as for blowing things up, it sounds like a party to me." The Advocate chuckled again. "I bet your family is suspicious of what we're up to." He pulled me close and giggled into my ear, "Hmmm, what are we up to?"

"Unknown man shows up, in a mask, and is being kept in the same room as their daughter? Oh no, not suspicious at all." I glanced at the bottom of the door briefly before returning my attention to him, hands resting on his upper arms. "But they should be suspicious, shouldn't they?" I couldn't help but muse at the double meaning.

"Hehehe, cute." He glanced at the door before abruptly separating himself. "I'll let them know you have a fetish for men in masks on my way out," He laughed loudly, I scoffed. "and act like I'm redressing. Take away all the guesswork." The Advocate teased, seeming to enjoy it. "But then again, it's always fun to keep them guessing. Hehehe."

I swatted his arm playfully, "Don't do that. Their last few days shouldn't be about freaking out over this." I folded my arms, scolding him silently for a second before cracking a grin. "As hilarious as it would be and all." Which it would be. It was difficult to remain upset at the thought of what was to come Saturday when jesting with him. A nice distraction, even if he was aiding in the plot. I took a seat on my bed, grin fading back into the usual frown when something else came to mind. "Before you skip off, mind if I ask you something personal?"

The Advocate spun into the chair, striking a comical pose. It reminded me of some boss sitting in a lounge. "Anything, beautiful." He snickered, "Shoot."

"The day of the meeting, after sedating the idiot, you said not to compare him to your family if I wanted him to make it to the car. Every mention of your kin is joked over dryly or darkly." I leaned forward, resting my forearms on my thighs. "Did you kill them? Or do you hate them? Something else, perhaps?"

After sitting motionless while I questioned he seemed to come to life all at once. He hopped out of the chair and approached me, putting his arms on either side of my person and leaned in. "I had no reason, really. To kill them, I mean." I looked at his mask which stopped a few inches from my face, the heavy tone in his voice keeping me alert. "I kill, I play, I mix lethal toxins, I create art. They suspected I was special, they always say it. Said it." He moved passed me and rolled onto the bed, giggling insanely. "Said, say, were and are. Words, words, words." I looked over my shoulder at him, "They're dead some days, and some days I'm not sure. It keeps changing," He was whispering more to himself at this point, I noted. "changing. One day, one way, and changing the next. Always dead, though, until I can't remember. It's his fault, ya know. The memory stuff. He likes messing with your heeeeaaaad." The Advocate began humming, he rolled off the bed and onto his knees, checking his satchel for something. "I know I killed them. And I killed his family too. Black. Ironic. Black and white." He was looking at something, I couldn't see and rather than intrude remained just listening. "Wait, what was your question?" His attention snapped back at me, "If I killed my family? They weren't the first and they won't be the last." He said heatedly. "No game changing, this is my trick, hehehehe, my game." And he was back to standing up, rubbing the back of his neck. "Why are you so curious?" He asked, seeming to become leveled out and interested instead.

Everything he had was saying stored to ponder upon later. I rested my chin in my palm, still leaning on my legs as I looked up at him. "Maybe it's because it's one of the few patterns you have. Or maybe because it hits home with what I'm about to do to my family. Or maybe because I'm flat out interested in you." I waved my free hand at his overall self. "Well, probably a combination. And the latter is usually always." I flashed a brief smile. "But it's just one of the few things that has been on my mind with you." I gave an absentminded shrug.

He grunted. "Patterns? Boo. Hmmm, I guess it's time for me to do something outside the box, eh? Hehehe." My eyes followed him as he paced the floor, ending up back in front of me. "Now I'm feeling inspired. Hehehe." The Advocate pulled a scalpel out of his bag, idly examining it. "How attached are you to Dia Renalda?" He began giggling silently, which soon rose into an insane cackle.

My mind triggered to what I heard on the phone, what Dia explained to me. I felt my hand twitch in my lap and sat up straight. Leaning to the right I slid that same hand beneath the pillows and grasped something familiar. Taking a stand I dragged out the hunting knife I kept at home. "It would be a shame if I had to bloody the rug, Advocate. But if you persist..." I shrugged carelessly, a bitter smiling forming on my lips. I would not tolerate fuckery on this level. He already hurt her and I knew it, I HEARD IT, if he was going to walk back over for seconds I was going to cripple his legs.

"Oh most definitely. And I've already got the blood I need from you." He said as he put distance between us, the scalpel being placed away swiftly and replaced by Joshua's pistol. "And I'd hate to have to shoot my favorite student." I heard the safety go off, it didn't bother me in the least. DeMii, and soon my blood kin to follow her into death... On top of which, pain didn't concern me. I lacked giving a fuck. Dia of all people I was protective over, though. Even if she was a big girl that could take care of herself and all. "Ironic that this gun keeps finding its way back to you." He chuckled, sighing. "Be a good girl and put your knife away."

I glanced at the gun dully before looking at the knife, giving it a small twirl. "I've never been one to follow orders." I quoted him from our last meeting, returning my gaze to his mask. "You mentioned the wrong thing, hon. If you're going to do something, do it." My body straightened, the knife in my hand ready. "Otherwise I'm going to introduce you to the floor." I slid a step forward in warning.

"Technically, this is your fault." He cocked the gun. "You mentioned patterns. Hehehehe." I wanted to punch his goddamn mask in. This was his fault, his game involved the pattern of murdering families a majority of the time. Wasn't my fault he was overreacting about a fact. And then he aimed the gun. "But I know you, Shady, you're not afraid to get shot. You'd probably like it. No, you aren't scared for yourself." I listened as he hummed for a second. "But when it comes to friends... Well, that's your soft spot. You would hate to see Dia get hurt, again. Hehe, or DeMii." I twitched, about to explode at the mere mention. Sensible me said he lacked knowledge of what transpired (sensible me was also lying just in case to not stab his ass), and I fought every ounce of fury that was building. "Or Myssssssstery." The Advocate circled me until his back was against the door, gun still trained on me. "Hehehe, another thing: We've never scuffed like this before. Last time I gave you reason to threaten me, you were tied up. You don't know what I can do... Hehe, and well, I've had plenty of time to watch you spar. And let's not forget to factor your health into play. And the gun." He chuckled, pausing for a moment as I narrowed my eyes by a fraction. "There's a line between bravery and idiocy."

"What doesn't kill you..." I snickered, "You had plenty of time to watch a female without memories adapt to survive." I stood in front of him, still keeping some distance, having followed his movement to this point. "Don't forget now, everything is back. Especially how to disarm, subdue, and eliminate if necessary. Is it necessary?" I questioned him calmly but didn't wait for an answer. Sighing, I placed a free hand over my injured abdomen and considered. "I'll probably rip open what hasn't healed yet... Couple miles back to the mansion while bleeding." Given the fact I'd avoid involving the family as best I could. "Is it worth it? Eliminate one, still have five more I'd miss out on. Let the one walk, get back to the list. Options, options." I wondered, Road Runner coming to mind. My hold on the knife tightened, there was the bigger picture. That bitch a mask. Dia was capable and smart, I trusted her abilities and given what we discussed my confidence in her was stable. If she wanted assistance she'd ask as well. Thinking such I found my smile no longer bitter and dropped the knife, kicking it back behind me away from both of us. Completely alright with letting this one go. 

He chuckled. "Good decision. I would have hated to shoot you... Mood killer!" I saw his head move, line of sight indicated towards the knife. Something was going on in that head of his, the thoughtful chin stroke gave it away. "Romantic..." He opened the door behind him, dropping the gun into his satchel. "Very romantic. Have fun with your family!" The Advocate snickered. "I... Haha..." He turned to leave.

I watched him turn to leave for a moment before following after, scooping up his hand in mine as I led him to the front door. Parents in the kitchen at the other end of the house, judging by the voices. I caught Lucas peering out of Cassie's door, trying to ninja his way closer. I rolled my eyes, lifting a hand to adjust the Advocate's tie after our tense little moment. "Now you get home safely. It would be a real shame if something were to happen to you." I lowered my voice so it was between just us and half-jokingly said, "Before I could kick your fine ass." I unlocked and opened the front door and added, "Been fun as always, darling." before kissing his masked cheek, chuckling as Lucas ran to Cassie's room to relay what he witnessed.

He didn't leave immediately. I found myself grabbed by my shoulders and pulled into an awkwardly lengthy hug. And then he started giggling, which didn't help, just before abruptly letting go and walking out the door. "I hope you like the brownies. Hehehe, I'll see you later, babe... Hehehe oh, I just can't wait." I leaned out the door, watching as he reached the bottom of the steps before turning on his heel back to me. "Oh, and honey." The Advocate snickered, "The boss... He taught me some new tricks. Harharharhar." He gave a mock salute before disappearing. He was just there and then he wasn't, my face fell. I'll admit it, that surprised me completely. Where he stood were a few scattered leaves, colored black as ash. I knew what it meant.

I swore, closing and locking the door. My mind went to what he said, first wondering who the hell his boss could be, and second... What brownies? Lucas's gleeful giggle set off alarms. I swore again in Advocate's name and hurried to my room, snatching a plate that most certainly wasn't there on the desk when the Advocate first arrived. "HEY! No. Don't do that." I tried to order my brother, he wasn't like the others at the mansion that actually listened. I tried to stand as tall as I could, granted I'm fricking short, and held the plate away from his grabby hands. "You know what sugar does to you." And what could possibly be in this I do not want you to find out. "Shoo, get out of my room."

"Make me." He pouted. I paused, staring down at him a moment before agreeing to those terms. I placed the plate on a high shelf and kicked the knife under the bed along the way. Turning I grinned, lunging and snatching him off the ground. Easily I tossed him over my shoulder and marched across the hall to my sister's room. "Hey, bitchtits." She looked up from her laptop, I placed him down and gave him a nudge in. "Keep your spy." Before shutting the door.

I fended off my brother's attempts to sneak into my room and reach those fricking brownies. Damn you, ADVOCATE! (insert fist shaking here).

Ughs.Well, I followed his instructions on housing conditions. They are both being safely kept somewhere, heh. Yea. The vials felt heavy, and I don't mean it bluntly. Weighted with my choice.
I feel so stupid and disgusting. Every time I think about it the weights on my ankles grow heavier. I'm hoping once it's done with all the built up stress will fade. Course that just means dealing with the mourning. Ha. Why mourn when you're murdering, am I right? Ha. Yea. I can't predict exactly the reaction, especially with my current state. DeMii died yesterday, my adopted sister, and now I'm controlling the fate of my (unreal, though fucking real enough to me) flesh and blood kin. What concerns me is the mental bullshit. My brain keeps saying, "No, they are real." from growing up with them and the likes, my memory says, "No, I killed them. They aren't real, this is all a self made illusion that needs to end." two opposite and conflicting thought patterns. Both of which have been making my head spin. So what happens when the reality of them dead and gone comes in? Will it smooth over like any other death I've dealt with or be a clusterfuck between those two opposites coming together?
Shit. Typing right now doesn't help, in fact I don't even want to be sitting here doing so. I detest even looking at this site currently and all the reminders.
AND I'M FUCKING PISSED OFF and want to just... Nevermind. If I even begin ranting here I'll just be stuck pissed off further. Not doing that, not until everything is done.

I can't wait for this shit to be over.
Till the next necessary thing.


  1. ...I'm sorry for making things harder on you.

    Also, if it helps, I'll tell you a little secret, beautiful. Advy was an excuse. He wasn't trying to hurt me, I fought on purpose. Not to mention he was technically "nice" to me. Or as nice as he CAN be.

    Once I stopped venting, well, I figured I'd tell you the truth. This is it. I wanted to fold before Advy came around, he just gave me the "straw" that broke the camel's back. The final reason to do so.

    You know where I'll be, how to talk to me, and what I'll be writing. But if anything.. I lead HIM into a trap. Who doesn't realize a proxy's coming to town when they tell you? Please. I'm not that naive, nor that genre-blind. You know me better, love.

    At the end of the day.. I love you. You're one of the few that knows where I'm going and what I'm doing. Stay safe, don't be stupid, and if you need to mourn.. mourn.

    1. Dia, shush. You could never do such.

      I'm still going to bruise him, excuse or not. But yes, I gathered as much between our talks. I know and we'll have our contact, the likes. The care is returned fully, dear. Thank you. You stay safe.