Friday, June 29, 2012

First visit

I checked myself into Limeport for a visit, they told me where to go and to wait for an orderly to assist me. I didn't want to go in immediately and cracked the sliding window on the door slightly. It was enough to listen to her singing quietly. I could make out a blank room with a bed that had been dragged into the middle of it. The nurse at the front desk told me they had to move her temporarily from the room she's been assigned to; Shady not only scared off the first psychiatrist but sent her second to the hospital before I arrived today. She cracked the wall of her room with his head and they had to clean the stains.

There were no windows in this room and only a dimming light; for a new building it looked like it was going bad fast. Shady just laid there strapped to the bed and staring at the ceiling; she sung for a bit and I waved away the orderly a few times. It abruptly came to a halt which was followed by her mumbling, "I think it's rude for us to be talking in front of Joshua as if he's not here. But then again, he hasn't even said hello and is pretending as if he isn't even here." She looked at me and grinned madly while adding, "Ain't that right, boy?"

I don't know how she knew I was there but I couldn't stay. I cancelled my visit today and went back to Haven. There's something wrong with her.


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