Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mister Creevey's Arrival

I was walking with Josie through the woods, shotgun tightly in my hand. We were running navigation courses because she can barely dodge worth shit, so I tied ribbons around in a path that started at the mansion and came back around to it. She started at the red ribbon, followed said colored ribbons until she came to the blue ribbon. I followed her as she did it, of course. Why the hell would I miss out on her running into trees? Hahahaha, oh it's priceless. But that's not the point of this, of course. Just trying to get her to have some fun with coordination.

Josie naturally ranted and raved when she couldn't get it. She's stopped crying, though, that's a plus. It took some coaxing for her to keep going, which has been working equally as well as the threats. The latter I haven't had to pull much, surprisingly. Things between her and I seemed to have evened out. She openly states I scare the shit out of her at times, but after all the time here she has come to appreciate what we have been doing. Especially with a threat on the horizon. Executor's mention of the monster heading this way concerned me, that wasn't some lie. It was fact, a nice heads up. I thought there would have been more time... But nope.

She was standing against a tree, panting from me demanding she continues running courses. Slacker. Josie was a bit scratched up; nothing bad which was impressive to say the least. I tossed her the water bottle; she fumbled to catch it and took a few sips before holding it out to me. I walked over, ready to take it when a rustling came from above. We both looked up to see a lurking figure on a branch peering down at us through the darkness. It launched itself down; I shoved Josie aside and it tackled me to the ground forcefully, the water bottle and shotgun flying out of my hands somewhere. The thing hunched over me, lifting his head to reveal half of it was just teeth. It looked like an inverted shadow; always moving, it resembled like a blob yet still maintained a basic humanoid shape.

"Ah... The accomplice." Its voice hissed deeply, glowing slit eyes staring inches away from my face. Josie gasped and it lifted its head, staring at her with a grin before looking back down at me. "You haven't kept my host in prime condition."

I curled my fingers around my knife, pulling it slowly from my belt loop. "That's because she's not your host anymore, Mister Creevey." I retorted firmly, flipping the knife in my hand before stabbing him in the side.

The monster looked between our bodies where the knife sunk it before tilting its head to look at me. It roared with laughter while grabbing my wrist, slamming it into the ground above my head. He kept pounding it against the ground until I finally relinquished my hold on the blade. I swiped at the creature with my free hand, blindsiding it with a hit to the head. I quickly skidded back and began to pull myself up, yelling at Josie to get back inside the wards. Mister Creevey grabbed my leg, dragging me back. I turned onto my back, kicking its chest and once more skidded back to gain distance. It sat on its knees, chuckling as it looked up. I kept him in my sights as I kept an eye out for the shotgun, and found it behind him. He caught my gaze, looking over his shoulder before back my way and waggled a finger.

Mister Creevey launched at me, I dodged as its clawed hand carved the bark off the tree I was standing in front of. I backed off, trying to move into the direction of the knife and shotgun. "Don't even think about it, girl." I scowled as it turned to face me, advancing step by step. "You will never reach it in time."

I bowed my head and waved him to attack me. "Try me, bitch." The thing grinned, lunging at me once more only this time making move to grab me. I countered the grab, directing its arm away from me as my other grabbed its throat. However, it forced me backwards into a tree and I found myself pinned, feet off the ground. I administered pressure to his throat using every ounce of strength to drive distance between. I dug my shoes into the tree for leverage, growling beneath my breath as he cackled. I felt my forearm grabbed and before I could realize what was happening I found myself on my back, wheezing as I rolled over to get back up. My hand knocked against something firm, I looked down to find the shotgun and grinned. Snatching it in my hands I pulled myself to a stand, spinning on my heels and took aim.

The beast stopped a moment, eying over the shotgun before advancing once more. I fired, blowing its head clear off. Except there was no satisfying crunch, no splatter of fluids. It was like shooting fucking jello. The body didn’t collapse; it remained standing in mid-step frozen. And then it twitched, clawed hand lifting and raising a single finger. Mister Creevey’s head molded back into existence, predatory eyes scolding me silently for that move. I reloaded, he was already in front grabbing hold of the gun as I finished, tearing it away before shoving the butt of it into my stomach. I stumbled back, the crack of the butt of the gun hitting my skull echoed in my head as I collapsed. My focus was off but I saw him towering over me, turning the gun around and raising it. I instinctively rolled to the side, dodging as he stabbed it into the ground where I was. “I’ve heard my siblings whisper your name.” I grunted; looking at him as I got up, vision clearing gradually. “They cursed you and I wondered why. You’re a human female,” His hand shot out, claws curling around my neck as he bent me backwards and hovered over me. “no special traits, surviving against His horde.”

I pulled at his arm, “I don’t why. All I did was escape them before becoming lunch.”

“They wouldn’t answer me, all my siblings and I do not get along. I consumed every spark dwelling within the caverns and received the answers.” He released me; I nearly fell backwards had the creature not prevented it with an arm around my back. It was an awkward dip before he raised us, spinning me into a tree.

I groaned, pushing off it with a glare. “Which are?”

Mister Creevey grinned further just before lunging my way, I dodged it and rolled past him. Hopping back up I snatched the shogun and wrenched it from the ground, taking aim at him and firing the slugs and dirt that was lodged in the barrel. It collided into him, I didn’t wait around this time. I bolted back to the mansion, firing and reloading whenever the fuck came too close for comfort. It served to delay him momentarily, good enough. What wasn’t good was I ran out of slugs, only a few yards from the mansion itself. Mister Creevey knew something was up when I didn’t fire and jumped immediately, tackling me from behind. I shoved my elbow into his side, dragging myself ahead of him only to be pulled back.

I could hear Josie screaming, the sound of safeties clicking off. I looked up to find Brood standing behind a row of MASC soldiers, guns trained on us.

“Get off of her.” Brood ordered. I looked over my shoulder at the entity hunched over me like some animal. It reached around, grabbing my throat as it lowered closer to me, immediately I knew it was to make getting a shot all the harder. But the pressure on my back began to fade, something felt off. I could see the MASC faltering where they stood, Brood was yelling at Mister Creevey.

Pain shot through my body and to bluntly put it, it felt like I was kicked backwards into the blackness, away from the world my eyes showed me. Everything became engulfed; I was back in my own mind as he forced his way into my body. Josie described being able to see everything she was doing, for some reason I trapped in my own mind. Deaf, dumb, and blind to what was going on outside.

“CREEVEY!” I screamed his name, again and again.

Until he showed himself smugly as he looked around. “Void, reminds me of home.”

“Protect your mind. It’s the only thing you have in all of this; protect it with everything you’ve got. Your mind is your own personal arsenal, if anything tries to invade use any means to get it out. Create a maze, confuse it, weaken it." Mystery's words came to mind "Attack, assault, scare. This is YOUR mind, YOU have the power.” The Caged One’s demands from the past followed after, reflecting on Executor’s various intrusions. If there is one thing Mystery has been proud of me for ever it was this. She knew, better than anyone, just what my thought process was like, what I twisted and created just when bored in my head. Every assault Executor dropped onto me was fought harder and harder, becoming easier every step of the way. Dreams were a Wonderland filled with endless possibilities. "You're a creator, Shady." She had said when I confronted her about my family. A simple thing to say that after this experience I'd come to learn meant more than what I originally thought. But at the time was all I needed to remember.

I breathed heavily, a grin of my own coming forth. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Why?” It asked so simply.

“You won’t like it here.” I mused, chuckling, laughing. Like fucking hell I was going to let some spirit possess my mind. The blackness lunged from the walls, floor, ceiling of my own mind and began to coil around Mister Creevey. The monster seemed to become alarmed, ripping through it as he dodged around. Like a goddamn rabbit sprinting from danger. I screamed, "YOUARENOTHINGHERE!" as the floor of my mind engulfed its clawed feet, sinking it shin deep. Further blackness latched on, curling around his wrists and slithering up his arms. It didn’t cease, I wouldn’t let it. Engulfing, cocooning him within the blackness and eventually swallowing him whole. "I'm not Josie, Creevey. I won't roll over and die."

"But you will unravel just as easily." His voice came from the black bubble.

Then there was just this searing pain. It reminded me of when the Executor was digging around, but the extent was less severe. I can only guess that was because Mister Creevey wasn't being careful, he was acting without any restraint, and it fucking hurt.

The blackness blinked away and I could see grass stained with blood, and I was coughing violently which only forced more out. Joshua was shoving past the MASC soldiers before Brood caught him by the arm. My brother frantically waved in my direction, pointing at me. I looked to my right to find my arm in the air on its own, I fought my own body to bring it back down but it did nothing. It remained upwards, not responding to my will. And after a moment of struggle it came crashing down to the ground ahead of me, digging into the dirt as I dragged myself forward unwillingly. My body ceased, one simple motion to remind me who was in control of my body. My mind was my own, true to the claim I fought, but Mister Creevey was winning the bodily possession. I was a witness to the puppet show.

MASC soldiers came to my aid, no words could escape my mouth to send them away. A stick on the ground near my hand would be what made the first kill, a jab to the throat eliminated one soldier. Maybe if Brood was willing to man up and kill me he wouldn't have lost some people. A throat slit open, a neck cracked, an arm broken before a bullet met a head. Creevey laughed as a knife was stabbed into the crotch of one, when they fell my shoe did as well, crushing the skull. It takes a few stomps, you know, to flatten a head. You can dent it with enough force in one go, but to flatten it... That takes three or more.

Con was trying to prevent soldiers from firing on me. I guess that's mostly why I wasn't shot down, eh? Brood was too busy arguing with Con, debating with her as she battled for my life.

My mind fought for control. The best way to describe that is being in a foreign building looking for the control room. You'd think that would be easy enough given this being my body as well as given the fact my mind was in control still. Wrong. When there is a virus in your system it's sending signals to all different locations, the response time is not what you'd imagine.
I felt my face was damp and reached up a hand, it wasn't tears. It was blood. Same thing from my nose, and the tickle coming down my neck was all blood from my ears. The pain only got worse, I couldn't stay up on my hands and knees. I remember crumbling to the ground.

"Some things came before the Dreamwalker, they know more tricks, better tricks." His voice hissed from everywhere, my vision returned to blackness. My brain didn't know what to focus on, sensory overload. "Your friend looks scared. How scared do you think he would be if your body began attacking him?"

"Don't." I grunted.

Once more I was in my mind, laying on my stomach. Mister Creevey sat on my back, its heel on the back of my head keeping it down. "We could have a lot fun together if you were my meat-suit." He pressed harder onto the back of my head, I held its ankle trying to remove it. "Too cramped in here. Incarnations are always like that. Leave very little wiggle room for us hungrier folks. Killing you is a pain, just pop up in some other body later. I hate it. I'd hate them too if they weren't such fun to break." The foot was removed and I was turned over, the monster was looking back down. Its head tilted to the side a moment, as if listening to something before the grin spread further. "The Agent is trying to negotiate. Thinks I will release you for the Pawn."

"Won't you?"

"No." Its claw scrapped down my cheek a few times. "I can kill them and get her, should you wake you would only see the dead as they rest." I flinched as the claw dug into my skin. "I don't negotiate, it's too merciful an act." The creature seemed to grin more. "Us talking this much is too merciful an act too." I didn't even see its hand coming, slashing across my face and carving it open. I just heard screaming, my own, mixed with his cackling. What felt like a thousand needles sank into my collar, its jaw clamped down. "I'm going to leave you a nice present for if you ever wake up." From there I was just being torn apart until I eventually blacked out.

I woke up in our medical room to Joshua's panicked face, he was holding me down and yelling at someone on my other side. When I looked I found my arm extended, choking one of MASC's medics and Brood was trying to pry my hand off him. I tried to get my body to release the guy but it wouldn't listen. Joshua lifted a hand, Creevey slashing open my face came to mind. Panic filled me. They sedated me... A lot, so I was told later. It didn't stop the medic's neck from breaking, though. The drugs didn't take effect in time for that.

I learned afterwards Josie fled the scene. Right out the back door while I was possessed. Con mentioned it to me when I was becoming more aware. The bitch fucking fled, heh. Man, I'm not going to take the time to repeat my rage at that.

"What are we going to do with her?"

"Put me in an empty room and keep me shackled." Joshua objected. Why, I don't know. But he doesn't know my body like I do, he doesn't feel the changes that were made. "Creevey threw off the balance. I'm not being thrown out of the mansion because I don't want to kill you all, but my body isn't acting on want. It's acting on need. Look at Josie, Gallows, and Graves, their lives are all about aggression, violence, and apathy. I have the ability to retaliate against Creevey mentally, but it hasn't stop him from influencing. He pulled an Executor, but better this time. Creevey knew I'd be thrown out due to the wards if I fell into a Gallows mindset. All he did was force my body to act on the impulse to kill without consent."

Which brings us to where we are now, hehe. I wrote this a few days ago, before my previous post. When things weren't as... Well, I've slipped my shackles. Whoops! And Road Runner, my, my, you gained some ground. I have work to do from within this room, should they need me to leave I've got an empty little house waiting for use. Can't make promises the mailman will survive if I go back home, though. Not with this condition and all.
Options on how to act are slim, really. I'm shifting through my own brain to try and figure out how to repair this... Frustration. It's really an inconvenience when you're trying to hunt someone and need some stealth. You know, the whole "KILL EVERYTHING!" while you're tracking doesn't help in the least. Heh. Soon.
Brood thinks it is unwise for me to pursue Lenore while in this unbalanced state. I agree to a degree but the longer I go without pursuit the farther she gets. The more time she has the worse we'll be. Limping prey is easy prey in comparison to a healthy target that walks tall. I'llripherapart!

Stay safe if you can,


  1. Sounds like you need someone to track for you.

  2. No need. I found her, dear Swan.