Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm such a failure.


  1. We? If you failed, who is we?

  2. ...she went to go pick up her "little dove" not too long ago.

    Just.. read a little farther back, Swan.

    You'll know.

    1. But how does that relate to this apparent failure? She bringing back a corpse?

    2. Why don't you ask HER? There are emails for a reason. That was a pretty tactless way to ask, and I'm the Queen Bitch of Holy Fuck You're Rude mountain saying this.

      Go on.

      Email her.

      She might want the support right now. Might not.

    3. Yeah. No. Fuck you. Ect.

    4. It's etc or et cetera, "and so on," "and other things."

      Not ect.

      I'm not fighting in the comments when Shady's in obvious pain. Learn to send an email, or shut the fuck up.

    5. Yeah. No. Fuck you. Ect.

    6. You are an ignorant little bully.

    7. This is me being nice.

      I will not be oppressed.

    8. Oppressed? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm telling you that emotionally reaching out to one of the best women I've ever met is a good idea right now, instead of just bickering in comments, and you're saying "Fuck you?"

      Yeah. That's soooo nice.

      Take the advice if you have a brain in your skull.

    9. You are bickering in the comments. Those fuck yous are for you.

      Your telling me to shut up, e-mail, and spell currectly.

    10. Now you're just being deliberately ignorant.

      Shutting up was never said.

      Emailing, she could tell you more than she would blogger right now. As in, oh hey, you could get the answers much sooner than you would otherwise.

      And spelling correctly? When you don't, you just make yourself look bad.

    11. "...or shut the fuck up."

      Yeh. Ie dun't cear narely enugh tu du thet. Shi'll tall mi un hurr whin shi es redy.

    12. ...oh god I hate you so much.

      Also, you said "fuck you" first.

      I declare this fair.

    13. You provoked me through two comments first. Is this a competition?


    14. I provoked you? How? Gosh, that's ME being nice.

      Butthurt little Ugly Duckling doesn't know how to take criticisms.

      And oh look. You know how to copy and paste.

      I won't retaliate, and the reason is simple:

      I wouldn't "fuck you" if you were the only proxy on Earth, and lord KNOWS I have a thing for those proxies.

    15. What are you my mom, saying my whole name out loud.

      My is my mom such a horrible bitch? And blue?

      I had how you don't retaliate. It's convincing. Really. All those words make for shit pleasantries.

      And good for you for liking the scum of this world. Don't flatter yourself. I don't lie with filth.

    16. Was that supposed to be a question? Those kinda require question marks. What you just did there was a statement.

      I love being a horrible bitch. I consider it a compliment. Blue is my favorite color, so.. maybe?

      Your sarcasm is so heavy it's beginning to sound convincing. Careful now, someone might take you seriously. We wouldn't want that! Would you like to make pleasantries? As far as I can see, you're the furthest person from pleasant besides maybe Ellen.

      "The scum of this world." Uppity for a hypocrite, aren'tcha?

    17. No, this is a statement?

      Well you a cunt to the power of Fracture squared. And blue sucks ass. Fuck you mom.

      In regard to pleasantries:
      Yeah. No. Fuck you. Ect.

      And Ellen is a bitch. Fuck her too.

      Proud for filth aren't you?

    18. Good grief, this is like arguing with a fifth grader.

      "Your mom!" "Your face!" "Yeah, well, fuck you your favorite color is ugly!"

      In order: I'm a cunt? Mhmmm, that must mean I'm tasty. ;D

      Fracture rocks, and he's going to be your downfall one day. You're an idiot to beat on someone that knows how to twist your mind like a wind up toy.

      Blue does not suck ass, your REAL mom does. She just loooooves tossin' those salads.

      You're such a failtroll, it's kinda cute, you know that?

      I have to agree with that statement, unfortunately.

      And god yes, I'm proud. My pride, morals, and not being a proxy are what keeps me from sinking to your utterly revolting level.

    19. Never made it past the third grade you sagging cunt. You give me far to much credit.

      You taste like shit. All of you. It reflects your inner beauty. Shit. And blue.

      Fracture is tool. Can't hate a tool. But I can fucking break it.

      Again, fuck blue. Infact:

      Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.Again, fuck blue.

      If I'm cute your standards are filth. Oh wait.

      Statements are statements.

      Morals. Your morals seem to be bitch at people. Period. No alignment. Just bitch.

      And don't give me that shit. You're a filthy fucking proxy. I don't if you refuse to wear a mask to hide your shame. That speaks volumes about you.

    20. "You give me far too much credit." Probably.

      Do you even have any clue what I'm really like? Have you ever bothered to try to figure it out? No? Then you just look obnoxious.

      You won't break him. He will break you. I will love watching.

      Never said you were cute. Hell, never met ya.

      You would really be better off not calling the ones I care about filth. After all.. you're far worse.

      My morals are Orange and Blue compared to your little world. Hell, even people that don't read my blog can read between the lines better than you can. "Bitchbitchbitch", right? Good. The more it flies over your head, the more I get to rest easy at night.

      I had a mask once. Wasn't to hide my shame. Was to hide the girl that wasn't a proxy from all the others.

      I have no shame for who I am and what I've done. I am not a proxy, I serve no Master besides myself. I do what I do for reasons that Shady herself doesn't even know, so do me a favor, and stop blathering on about what you're too stupid to even ask about.

    21. Ah. We get to the root of your issue. Why would I ever want to get to fucking know you. Go die. For all I care.

      Shady can too. So can every proxy, 'runner', self serving bitch, and living thing out there. Fuck all of it.

      But you first, proxy mom.

    22. That sounds quite a bit like your issue. Something I could care less about. You drone on about how everyone can die, how we can go fuck ourselves, how you can't bring yourself to care. And yet you do. You care more than you ever want to admit. You wanted to know how Shady was, what she was doing, you cared about the pain you caused Fracture. Hell, you even cared when your attacks made him go quiet. You were desperate for some kind of companionship that meant someone cared, that you weren't truly alone in the end. You sound like the horribly mutated version of Messi. At least HE tried to care.

      You want me to fuck off and die, you want me to feel the pain you feel inside. Trouble is, the pain I feel is deserved, sure. You will never be worth the time spent nurturing you, training you, and yet good people like Lucia and Shady have decided to try to help you. Help you keep your sanity, give you positive reinforcement, hell, even give you a voice in the darkness that isn't the screaming of la la la, la la la...

      You keep your flapping jaws shut over people like Shady. They surely deserve better than you ever shall, even if she takes the darker path before her. Make another threat to her, and you will have a swarm of White, Grey and Black Hats so far up your ass you won't be able to breathe let alone sit. They'll have to wait their turn after mine, I'm afraid.

      So yes. Me first, amoeba. Me first.

    23. One: Fuck Shady. She can go die.

      Two: Yeah. No. Fuck you. Ect.

  3. This argument is as childish and pointless as one on tumblr. Both of you grow up.

    1. Yeah. No. Fuck you. Ect.

    2. Honestly? I'm waiting until we piss off Shady enough that she either turns off the comments for this one sentence post, comes and bitches at us, or explains what just happened. I'd be happy with any of the three.

      The troll-off is completely deliberate.

  4. I'm only answering this because my cellphone keeps going off while I'm driving. I can't turn it off for emergency purposes. And it just won't SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Swan guessed correctly. I have a dead body in a backseat and a passed out girl in my passenger seat. Failure to bring back my niece in the intended way. Should I be blunt? Maybe so.

    Amy, your concern is appreciated. No one needs to email me, though. I'm. Fine. I will be fine. Everything will be fine. And I won't go on a stabbing rampage. See? FINE. My niece is DEAD and I will be FINE and everything will be FINE and you all should consider SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.

    Ahhh... Hahaha. But you guys brought a merry little distraction to this shit day, so thank you. Maybe I won't carve a big "fuck you" into both your foreheads for all the spam notifications. Hehehehe. I honestly lost the goddamn point of this conversation a while back... Funny. Very funny.

    Oh, and Swan, deary... I hope I die too. And I hope you die. I hope Fracture dies. I hope this random commenter dies. I hope every single person following this blog dies, every person not. Every life that has ever sparked into existence. I hope it all dies. Because honestly? I like the pitch black silence, it's peaceful.

    And no, I'm not saying that because "I'm so upset I've lost it". Not quite, no, no, no. It is exhausting constantly repressing the urge to stab every person in the face. People I like, people I hate, people I don't give a fuck about. I feel at all times people want something from me, that I'm covered in leeches that I can't rip or burn off. I'm tired of caring, guys. I think it's about time I just stop.

    Have yourselves a wonderful day. :)