Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forthy-Forth Post.

Josie and Joshua are growing comfy with one another. I won't let him bring her here. Nothing against either of them, the less people know about this exact property the better. For now. Less stress when it comes to dealing with the neighbors as well, thosedouchebags. Joshua hasn't been here much with dumb and dumber yet, I think it's because of me. No, no, I'm sure. I visit the mansion a few miles away every early morning to visit DeMii's grave along with the others. I return here to continue making necessary changes.

Family friends continue to pester. It's irritating. I answer to give them brief responses before hanging up. Some have stopped by to visit without previous warnings, I have to pretend the knife in my hand is because I'm getting ready to prepare lunch.

I've been in this small, silent house for a while now. Joshua comes to visit, he's already moved on to clinging to that girl mostly. He's taken my place in teaching her some things, less for me to be concerned about currently. Least until we switch places on living arrangements. Least something is keeping him busy, heh. My brother gets bitchy without anything to do.

Lullaby decided to contact me, which can be read here. I was sitting at my desk at the time, doing my research on tracking Road Runner's attacks. The child called and I answered, it was a foolish mistake on her behalf. Joshua had already set up tracking systems to our phones and gave me the run down on how to flip the switch in order to do so. I sent his phone an email the moment I heard her voice, everything fell into place there. I meant everything I said to her, folks. Her stabs were useless, my mind already worked through them after I put myself through it. Children, though, what can you do? Brood and I came together and decided to send out a pair of MASC soldiers to the location we tracked. I'll be giving chase shortly, after some things.

The main event of this post, though, is that I was attacked yet again today. More of Road Runner's manipulated proxies. She won't quit, at this point she's using any pawns she has left to assault me while being assaulted and hunted by Prosper. Triangle, much?

After having finally fallen asleep I was awoken by this said proxy, who had his hand wrapped around my neck and was strangling me. A knee was on the bed, his other foot planted on the floor as he hovered over me with an unseen face. Without being held down fully I pulled my legs up to my chest and kicked out as his, dislodging him from me. I went to pull myself back to grab my knife but he caught himself and grabbed my ankle, dragging me out of bed. I twisted around in his hold, his other hand burrowed into my hair and latched on. Ankle dropped, I found myself reeled backwards and thrown out of my room (door opened by him) across the small hallway and into the closed door across the way. I pulled myself up as he landed in front of me, fist coming my way. I slid back down the door as his fist broke through the old thing, sliding through his legs and getting up behind him. Bolting through the hallway and into the kitchen I dialed Joshua's number before dropping the phone into the dry sink, still ringing. The proxy came running, grabbed a knife off the counter and threw it at me. It burrowed into my shoulder, earning a sharp gasp.

Approaching the table that separated us he didn't take a moment to pause or go around it, bending down he hooked his hands underneath and flipped it aside. I attacked before he could straighten back up, his head turning to one side as I landed a punch. He grabbed my wrist after the hit, before I could pull it back, and lifted me off the floor a few inches. It felt as if he actually drove me through the tile floor when I landed, my head hitting the welcome mat. Probably the only thing keeping me from a cracked skull. I groaned, my eyes focusing back up on him, and as weird as it sounds I could have sworn I saw cat eyes staring from beneath the chair I was lying next to.

The proxy grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked me up, ripping the lodged knife out as well, I grabbed hold of his tattered sweatshirt and shoulders for leverage, lifting higher and drove my knee beneath his chin. I landed a moment later next to the sink, a few feet away from where we were. Pulling myself up I leaned over the sink as he arrived behind me and grabbed the back of my neck, as I was turned around (the gleam of the knife from the corner of my eye being seen) I dragged out the frying pan from the sink. The sound of unwashed utensils falling against the sink reached my ears just before the sound of the pan hitting the side of his head did. It knocked him down onto a knee, I bolted.

I ran up the stairs and hid around the half wall, listening as he made his way up after me moments later. A simple trip on the final step was all it took by the end of it, my legs wrapping around his one and twisted, throwing him off balance, he fell backwards and landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. He hit the small, but sturdy bookshelf which collapsed on top of him (as well as all its contents).

Joshua arrived sometime afterwards, he assisted helping me drag the body downstairs and past there, off the side room I was working on. The look on his was priceless.

"What... What are you building here?"

I directed him over to a corner table and we put the corpse there for now. "If there are plans to rehabilitate proxies we need somewhere to do it. And if we have a need to interrogate others..." I shrugged lightly, my thumb jabbing into the dead proxy's direction. "Good storage place too when we need it."

Joshua looked at me disapprovingly, I simply held the stare until he broke it. "What about the wards? Aren't they supposed to be protecting the property?"

"If I put them back up yet they would be." I smirked, "She'll run out of proxies soon, and when she does she'll be pissed off and tired of the job not getting done. She'll have to visit sometime herself."

"You're trying to make her come here?!" Joshua practically yelled as I shut the door to where we put the proxy. "Are you fucking crazy?" I measured with my fingers 'a little bit' in response, he was not amused in the least. His hands grabbed my shoulders and slammed me back against the door. "Don't you remember what happened when she showed up last time?"

"You won't be here for it."

He loosened his hold, "That doesn't make it any better, you can't do this to yourself. She'll kill you-"

"SHE'S WEAK!" I yelled in response, smacking away his hold on me. "Pathetic little insane bitch who can't comprehend something won't go her way. If she's so intent on making it pan out for her benefit then I have no qualms with letting her pretend such. The end result will be me tearing down whatever control she believes she's ever had. Don't interfere."

Joshua scowled, "You should let Brood and his men sniper her when and if she arrives. It would be easier than you breaking her."

"She's already broken. I just want to crush what's left." I shoved past him back upstairs.

He followed. "You're going to suffocate her on her own illusion, that's cruel, @#%$^%&."

"Good!" I bit back at him, "It will be my hands around her neck wringing the life out of her, and she'll know it when it's game over."

After cleaning up, fighting with Joshua over this 'current state of being', and kicking up shit from the past, which resulted in a violent outbreak between us in the living room, we went separate ways. Stress partially relieved by our physical fighting, corpse in the basement to deal with later, him gone and the house once again empty.

I went out to the woods to dig a spot for the body, upon returning I was greeted with a surprise. The once dead proxy was standing in my kitchen, leaning on the counter in his tattered clothes. A hand was on his head, breathing heavy. Immediately I pulled out my hunting knife, caught by surprise by the reappearance of this once dead fellow. He jumped back, the 5'9, athletic built male looking genuinely surprised. The hood was off allowing the short, wavy brunette hair to show. His wide almond shaped eyes fearful, the blue and yellow tint to them showing clearly in the light.

Emotions, it made me pause and consider him. Looking at the pushed up sleeves I could see his arms were scarred, mainly around the wrist area. Abuse or suicidal? I held the knife firmer in my grasp, taking a few advancing steps to gauge a reaction.

"Shady, it's Casey! It's Proctor!" The voice called in a desperate plea of understanding.

I stopped in my tracks, "The fuck?"


  1. Uh oh... Thuggee isn't going to very happy about this. Hehehe

    1. Fuck Thuggee. His happiness means nothing to me.

  2. "...sufficate her with her own illusions..."

    That's beautiful. I like your hate.

    1. Hatred is its own beauty, especially to those that comprehend it in full.

    2. Finally, someone willing to break the chains of ignorance. A pleasure.

    3. The pleasure is mine I assure you.

    4. I'll take your word for it, dear.

    5. -.-

      Why don't we get along like that?

    6. Because you're constantly trying to make me go insane and become your partner, rather than discuss simple pleasantries, love. ;D

      See, winky face though, just for you.