Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thirty-Eighth Post.

Wow. Finally back to counting posts, ha! Seems pretty pointless now, but oh well. Nice to have some familiarity.

Today there were some things that happened, starting with Joshua. We decided to finally meet on Sunday. His brother ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, so we put it off until now. Going to be blunt: I'm freaking the fuck out. Which is funny,  because I can stare into a killer's eyes without an ounce of it but now I'm going to visit an old friend and I am.

Fuuuuuuuck my life. I don't like these things.

A little while after that I got a call from the Advocate. Which was perfect. I left to the woods again once I saw who it was.

It was the usual: "Are you freeeee?" and background noise. So we'll pick up from there.

My eyes rolled as I walked the perimeter of the mansion, sighing. "Saturday but no Sunday. And if you show up Sunday I'll do you harm." I glared at a passing tree, thumbing the knife idly as I listened.

"Oh so tempting. Why do you give me these ideas? Why put them in my mind? Hehe, I guess I'll be seeing you Sunday, eh?" A horse neighed in the background. I blinked, realizing I didn't even want to know I kept my mouth shut. "I'll make sure to wear my Kevlar vest and tie set. I'll be a party. Any questions?" I leaned against a tree, listening as the ding of a timer went off and a door swinging open. "Ouch, hehe, hot." He murmured through the phone.

"Advocate..." I warned. "If you want to be an ass and show up Sunday, fine. Just don't interrupt my meeting." I rubbed the bridge of my nose, my head shaking between the conversation and whatever was going on over the phone. "And yes, I have a question. What the hell is going on over there?"

"The Advocate Cares Talk Show. Hehe, you're my first caller, cutie." I listened as the sound of tearing paper and it being wrapped was coming through the phone. "Take it." He said away from the phone, footsteps then echoed away from the phone. I quirked a brow. "And what if I interrupt this meeting of yours? What will you do to me?" He giggled, a small tune starting up in the background. It sounded like a music box.

I groaned at his response, my hand dropping to my side as I began walking again. "If I answer that question you'll only be more motivated to interrupt it." I found myself musing dryly. "Just don't." I said, head tilting slightly as I curiously listened to the music. 

"Aw, well I guess I'll have to show up to satisfy my curiosity. Hehehe." I came to realize the music box was playing 'Ring Around the Rosy', only slowed down and distorted. "You should just answer my questions, darling." Advocate's voice became irritated. "Before I start playing with chemicals out of boredom."

"Advocate, you'll have two people already pissed off get even more angry at your interruption. Putting it bluntly: No fucks would be given." I said, scowling at the thought of it. The tension between Joshua and I was already dangerous. "If you want to get dramatic and serious, maybe I won't be shot in the face if you don't show. But if you do it's guaranteed to turn out worse. Probably not as bad for you as one might like it to be." I answered bitterly.

"Hehe, we'll just have to wait and see. But to be honest," I heard a door open and close. "I'm really not interested. Hehe, I just needed to keep you on the phone for a little. But I'll be calling you soon, my love, and seeing you even sooner. I have so much to do and so little time to do it." The line went dead. I immediately turned for the mansion and bolted. It went straight for the place he put shit last time, the refrigerator. I found a cardboard box, inside containing a plate of cookies and three syringes filled with an unknown chemical compound. There was a note on the box that said, "For Shady Only", too.

So... I promptly burned the cookies and locked the syringes in a kit in my trunk to study later. No offense, Advocate, I'm sure they were delicious. You're a wonderful cook.

There's a reason why I don't want him to show up especially. Joshua set the meeting at a graveyard, I could only imagine it was to meet at Billy's, same graveyard at least. My stomach flipped when he told me that was the place, no question about it. I wasn't about to call off the meeting, so I agreed on the location. And, well, that's going to be tough with the tension at such a location. He's going to have a gun, I already know it. It's going to be something if I don't walk out without a bullet wound. Joshua and I are twins practically, we are predictable to one another. He has the vengeance streak that I do, and it's directed at me.

It's not the smartest idea going to meet someone who no doubt plans to pull a gun on you. But... Eh, I'm in the habit of making bad decisions. What's one more?

Well, I played with Lullaby today. DeMii has caught me up on what the munchkin likes and what not. She's grown so fast since I last saw her. Fricking-A. I'm an aunt and I have no idea what to do or what that means. So... I'm freaking trying.
I practiced playing catch with Josie to make sure I wasn't throwing to hard. She pissed me off, so I indeed threw it hard and gave her another black eye. Bahahaha!!! So bruises SO EASILY! It's hilarious. So I played with the kiddo. Her, DeMii, and I are planning to spend some quality time together.
Which brings me to Proctor. Looking into things. I don't want to say a lot because I don't want attention further drawn to his current situation and condition. Working on it, though.

Trained Josie some. She threw away the knife I gave her, shaking her head violently. The girl complained, whined, and voiced her fears. I kicked aside the weapons training and opened up with hand to hand combat. She grew tired after a while and the same shit started up.

"Shady, I'm tired. Can we call it a day?"
"Shady, give me a few minutes, please?"

So I began provoking her. I hopped around the lawn, dancing. "I don't know what you take me as, or understand the intelligence that Shady has. I went from weak to strong bitch, I ain't dumb. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Hit me!" I mocked sang, beckoning her to come at me as I moonwalked backwards.

Ahahahahahahaaha!!! THE SPARKS IN HER EYES!
Her face: "NOPE!"
She came at me so fast, guys. It was hysterical. My stomach hurts from her just punching me head on. We wrestled all around the perimeter. Brood came out, saw us, walked back inside. No words. I'm a little proud of myself.
Jackassery for the win.

I'm sitting here, in my official room now in the mansion. On an actual bed. It's weird, and squishy. I haven't slept on a bed in a while. Mainly because I don't sleep too. Huh. Wow, that's unhealthy now that I think about it. Story of my life.
Mr. Sunshine is here, he's taken interest in my slinky. He doesn't seem to get the point of it, amusing.
On a serious note I showed him a very old ID photo of Lenore from the file, he went into a fit, throwing the slinky across the cellar and tried to tear apart the photo. He couldn't get any actual sentences out, but he was yelling, "No!" "Kill! KILL!" and other alike phrases. I calmed him and he shook his head, growling profusely. "No! Kill, kill. Killed them." and he crawled over, clinging around my middle. "Kill you. Kill. No."
I sat with him until he calmed, disturbed by what on Earth he could mean. Who did she kill? Other than the obvious. And me? Concerned, understandable. But it bothers me, because everyone that even mentions her and I together always says she's going to kill me or has. It's fucking creepy.

And I can't help but feel like maybe that it is leading to something. If it was one or two people, yea, sure, I get power differences and all. But when you have various people saying (as if it's a confirmation) that you're going to die, it's just weird. You can argue one voice, but how do you argue against many? So that begs to question, is it true at all? Am I really just destined to fricking die by her?
Don't like destiny. Been over how I feel about it and fate. Not a fan. Not going to believe such until such actually happens. Fuck it.

Lenore's file next, anyone?
Anyways, I've copied the information from the file itself. Hence, its format. I blocked certain information (names, phone numbers, etc) so people don't do things to piss me off nor those tied into this. Got 99 problems, folks (HA!). Now, the point of posting this is for information to be made public about Lenore who is aka Road Runner. She's criminally insane and unstable, a murderer, and has a past. People need to be aware of this danger. I would have done it sooner but... Well, I think I summed up my time away, no? This woman, Lenore, has an unsettling history behind her to add to the bullshit she's done presently and plans to do in the future. This file is from her admittance and the file adds notes onto it over the years of her progression while staying at Limeport Asylum. It tells of a bit of her interactions with me when I was a child and there too, but I've blocked out that name. It also tells of Prosper and when he arrived.

I can't even put into context how I feel about this file and the notes, reports, lists that came jammed in that file. I mean, the medication list alone... And the therapy they did to her. It's insane. I'm debating posting that information or not, for now though I think this file will suffice.

Meet Lenore (the Road Runner).

Stay safe,


  1. And you as well, you've been busy. You've been swimming against the current for a while now, and that's good, but if you don't just sit back and let yourself float in place for a while you'll burn out and drown. Not a fate you want I'm hoping. Oh well, good luck with your meetings.

    See you around

  2. Thank you, deary. I'll look into taking up that advice soon.

  3. You are amazing :S I can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  4. I'll be seeing you soon, darling. You really should have tried those cookies...

    I suggest you refrigerate those chemicals, by the way. It would be very bad if they got too hot... Hahahohohee.