Monday, January 30, 2012


Your friend Shady made a stupid decision which led us to getting attacked by a bird girl last night. She got the bad end of it and is still knocked out. The MASC people have her under surveillance and are keeping an eye on her condition.

I don't have any interest in telling you guys what's up. When she wakes up she can do it herself. I'll supply you guys with the basic stuff and that's it. The bird girl took us to some building and beat the crap out of both of us. Shady did what she could along with that Caged thing that's in her. She had me call some guy named Liam who is apart of some group. They ended up pushing back the bird girl but Shady got impaled with a pipe in a final act of rage. Liam and his people managed to bring her back when she stopped breathing, they were able to keep her together till we got back here. MASC has been working around the clock with the supplies they have and sent for more.

I've been sitting here with her, donating blood. She keeps thrashing, they had to strap her down from her reopening the wound. Shady woke up this morning Brood said, at least she muttered a goodbye to Liam before he left. No idea who he is or who he works for, no one is telling me anything. They just let me sit here with her, under surveillance naturally.

Not sure when she'll wake up. Brood says she's going to be bedridden for a few weeks probably, even if he has to keep her strapped down. I guess that's how he shows concern. Not surprised, really. He said she tried to get up this morning but they sedated her.

Probably won't be hearing from me again. I don't intend to respond to any comments.

- Joshua

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