Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thirty-Sixth Post.

This post has been scheduled ahead of time. On the last night of September I have taken a leave of the mansion to seek out something. I will be gone a week, week and a half at most, and will be posting on the road. I have to make a stop briefly before I head to the original location, I will not tell you all where I am going and I will not give word until after I have done what it is I need to do. Not just for me but for the others as well.

I have scheduled this to post at the same time I had left last night so there is a date and a time as to how long I will be gone for. Should I go past the time limit I have set I'm going to lay out this single rule now: Don't come to find me. I don't know what to expect.

MASC, don't pester my companions and if you so much as try to pry open my trunk you'll be in for a few nasty surprises. Don't bother trying to find me either, I'm already too far gone.

I'll update after I get to my next destination and business is settled. Replies will be limited because I'd rather not get tracked. Yet.
Will do what I can to return shortly.

Stay safe, everyone.

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  1. hmmm.

    now THIS should be interesting.