Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm running a bit late on returning. Don't worry, I'm alive and alright. Ran into some unexpected stuff so got delayed. I'll post about it soon, I need to just relax. Just got back to the car after... Shit, a few days. What happens when you get lost in the middle of nowhere on grounds that are crawling with the supernatural, heh.

I think I know where the location is that I need to go to, I'll post about this week and what I find probably all at once (maybe split into two posts).

Also, Executor that's a shit move you just pulled on Mystery. You better not hurt E-Bear. When I come home you're next, keep that in mind.

Just letting you all know I might be out a few more days or an extra week at the latest.

Stay safe,


  1. I am hearing whispers from my brethren, they intrigue me. I am anticipating your post about time spent away from home.

  2. Shady, please hurry back as soon as you can.

  3. We shall see if what you heard is true or not then when I post.


    Proctor, I'll be home very soon.

  4. Hehe come on home, Shady. You and I have a lot to catch up on now that your little witch has left :3

  5. Be home shortly, Advocate. We'll play soon.