Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forty-Seventh Post.

"How are you?"

"Physically: Healing. Emotionally: Conflicted. Mentally: Corrupted. Spiritually: Bitter. You?"

"Well, I got a call from Claire."


"Alan killed himself a few days ago. She wants us to attend the wake and funeral."

I snapped the neck of the fellow I had been interrogating. "I'm amazed that bitch even remembers me." I grinned. "They were, of course, your friends. If I use that term loosely, that is."

Joshua sighed on the other end. "And you're mine." I let out a laugh. "Just come, ok?"

"Can't. I got other things I need to do." I replied, glancing over to the computers that worked endlessly. "And you know me, work, work, work."

"All work and no play makes Shady a dull girl." I chuckled at his words. "This isn't playing, though, but you need fresh air. I would also appreciate it if you came with me, he was a colleague of mine."

"The moment you start caring about my needs I'll take a break. In the meantime you can take your girlfriend and go fuck each other in the closet while the priest preaches."

Joshua let out another sigh, his growing agitation all the more obvious. "They just got engaged, Shady, and he killed himself-"

"His choice, man. He could have called off marrying the little whore. But no, had to pull the dramatics."

"Claire changed."

"That's what they all say." I rolled my eyes. "No one ever really changes. Not completely. I'm always going to be this this. You're always going to be that. She'll always be a whore. Alan will always be a quitter. Simple."

I heard a lot bang and assumed he punched something. "You're heartless."

"I'm honest. Maybe a little heartless."

"Fucking socio-"

"Ah, ah, ah. Easy now, Tigger. Don't need to go bouncing off the walls just yet. We're only getting started." He breathed heavily, trying to remain calm. "You can take someone else. Provided it isn't Mr. Sunshine. I'm not going to pretend to mourn people that I dislike. Let him be dead, he brought it on himself."

Brood's voice could be heard in the background, followed by Joshua grunting. "Would it interest you to know it might have been related to the Tall One."

I glanced at the corpse on my table, "Perhaps, should you be able to prove it to me before I hang up."

"Claire mentioned strange activity involving him disappearing for extended periods of time. She found him outside a few nights just standing there, he didn't respond to her. He began spacing out a lot and seemed to be getting strange phone calls from an unknown number. They went to get a brain scan, worried about tumors or something in his head. There was a lot of unexplained activity but otherwise everything was relatively normal. He walked home a few times after disappearing with odd bruises on him, nearly identical to yours after your encounter with Slender Man."

I clicked my tongue. "Joshua, did you recently visit them or have any sort of contact with them?"


"Let's just assume yes by that answer. That you went and visited, had a cup of tea, ate cookies, you know... Friend stuff. You just potentially damned them. Congrats, killer. Now you're in my shoes!"

"What? How is that possible. It's not after me-"

"Think any fucks are actually given? You've been tied into this just as long as me. Indirectly until Billy happened. Spotlight is on you too, bro. Get your head in the game, killer."

"Stop calling me that!" He screamed on the other end.

"Doesn't feel that great, eh? Don't worry, Joshua. You aren't a monster, yet." I laughed at the irony and listened as he seethed on the other end of the line. "Surprised you haven't hung up yet."

Brood was speaking again and I heard Joshua mutter a small 'I'm fine'. "Are you going to come?"

"And what would you have me do, Joshua? Will you put on a jester outfit and distract those that mourn your shit friend while I examine him?" I snorted. "That would go splendidly. I'd advise you don't go, you'll just infect everyone there. Humanity is a virus, Joshua. And you, well, you're just a stronger virus that has come along. Get me?"

"No, you've fucking lost it." 

"Eh... Can't win them all." I shrugged.

There was a screech, followed by heavy footsteps as he no doubt stormed away from anyone in listening range. "So I shouldn't go out, ever?"

"Stay away from friends, killer. Stay away from family. Stay away from anyone you know personally. There's a 50/50 chance you could ruin what petty lives they have going for them. Mourn at a distance. Why the hell do you think I up and left?"

"That's comforting."

"Not meant to be, just the truth. How did Claire sound?"

"How do you think? Her fiance just killed himself."

I rolled my eyes. "Other than that, dumbass."

"Bad. Kept spacing out. She thought she saw something out the window. Mentioned a strange phone call, too."

"She's done. Causalities happen, let nature run its course. Be smarter next time, killer."

He let out a few uneven breaths, trying to stabilize himself. Completely upset, it was far too obvious. "Can't we just bring her here?"

"She's dead already. Bringing her here wouldn't change that, it would only mean you'd find her dead one morning. She'll end up just like he did. They are trying to lure us out, stay inside the wards." I ordered, "This has Executor and his boss written all over it. Back. Off."


"Good. Sorry for your loss, bro. Shit happens." He sighed, calming somewhat. "Now leave me alone unless it's an emergency." I said and hung up.

Hehehe. How curious. Executor, that's a low blow. You told too much about yourself in the beginning of your blog for the pieces not to fall into place. And look, you made Joshua go all boo-hoo-like on me. Great.

"Well maybe you shouldn't have been such an asshole, Shady."

Well maybe you should just shut the fuck up. ;)

Bahahaha. Now we're getting somewhere.
Sure, it does suck Joshua is upset. I know what it's like to indirectly get people killed, my track record isn't clean in the least. But maybe now he'll get the hell off my back. And maybe, just maybe, he will harden up. Haters gonna hate, dreamers gonna dream. Or whatever.
But this does provide some interesting things to ponder on. I can only wonder what is to happen next.

Whelp, I gotta finish some stuff up here before I head back to the mansion. Promised Josie I'd get back to helping her grow a backbone at super speed, heh.

Stay safe if you can,


  1. You should enjoy him while he's soft and optimistic. They only get harder to get along with when they harden.

    Or at least they do in my experience. Not that it isn't for his own good.

    1. Soft and optimistic? Joshua? More like serious and a negative nancy. I'm hoping him getting hardened will mean he will stop being a whiny bitch, toughen up, and realize I'm not the bad guy. Well, not the bad guy he needs to be worried about, heh. He's hard to deal with as is because all his blame comes straight to me. Need to open that fellow's mind. Skeptics, what can ya do? Hehe.

    2. It'll always be your fault because you'll always be there. Because if it's your fault, then it's not his fault.

    3. Correct you are, deary. Now he has something to call his fault, and this blame cannot be placed on me. Only himself for being stubborn and spiteful, allowing himself to remain ignorant.

    4. Just a word of caution. People don't change, you said it yourself. Even if he does harden, he'll still be every bit the bastard he already is.

      Things burn beautifully, but they leave behind nothing but ash.

    5. Oh, that I am very well aware of. But having him aware is better than having him force himself to be ignorant. Less of a burden if he just realizes things involve him just as much.

    6. That is probably for his best then. Just a friendly warning about burning your friends from a proxy who knows.

      Unless of course that is our intent. Then go for it.

    7. My intentions are my own. My brother will either understand or he won't.

      But dearest Swan, thank you for your friendly warning. I will do well to consider it.

  2. Have you noticed the change in your send offs? It's changed somewhat recently from "stay safe" to "stay safe if you can."

    I'd also like to point out that this post? Sounds eerily like a role reversal of the situation between yourself and the Advocate. You remember how nonchalant and cruel he seemed in the past, how angered and disgusted you were in the past? You've taken Advy's role in this melodrama, and Joshua has stepped into your shoes.

    1. Oh, whatever will I do! I already openly admitted to Advocate and I sharing alike traits. The difference was I kept myself on a leash. I can take myself off that said leash and still remain disgusted and angry. Only I can lack caring about my petty feelings over such disputes and look at the larger picture here. Joshua needs to stop being narrow-minded, and I need to do more than what I was previously. It is not enough.

    2. Sharing traits is not the bloody same as acting like his female counterpart. I feel like I could exchange the names in this post and get the same bloody conversation as before. You're losing yourself in your pursuit of vengeance and death. Can you even stand to look in a mirror at this point, or have you broken all of those by now as well?

    3. About half of them, hehe.

      At least I'm doing something about it, Amy. If there is a time to lose myself it is now, while there isn't anyone left to hurt. Aside from myself, but that has always been a constant. If you dislike the way I do things that's on you, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned in the previous post/comments.

    4. Yeah, yeah, you give no fucks. If/when you look back on this time, my bet is you'll regret the way you're acting. You don't see it, but you ARE hurting people besides yourself. People that fucking care about you. So be it, be a selfish little shit that wants to wreck herself in the process of her "one true goal."

      Congrats. You'll get it, and what will you be on the other side? Another monster, another tool, just like Executor and Advy and Thuggee all want you to be. You'll wind up used and abused, and wondering where you went wrong. This is it. This is your "reckoning", and you're launching yourself down this path.

      Until you can pull your head out of your ass and realize how much you're fucking your life up, I'm going to quit trying to be the voice of reason. Again, you give no fucks. Guess what, dearie, now neither do I.

    5. That a girl! Get mad. Get angry. Show me that spirit!

      Could have sworn I mentioned I was selfish before... A few times, actually. Could have sworn I was already being used and abused before too. Funny, it doesn't matter what side I'm on, or if I'm even on a side. That shit just happens. So don't go preaching to me, Amy. You should very well know by now it doesn't matter, you're going to get used and abused, fucked over no matter what in life. It's about taking shit into your own hands.

      People get hurt when change happens. That's life. That's just natural evolution. I'll deal with the consequences that follow this should I live to see them. I live with regret every second of the day, I can handle some more, precious. Get off your white horse before I color it red. Oh wait, you just did. Hehe. Funny. Very funny.

  3. What is happening to everyone...

    Shady, I don't know what is going on inside your head... but, it worries me.

    You really are starting to sound like TheAdvocate...

    Please, tell me you don't enjoy what you're doing... because, if you do, you have truly become his perfect counterpart.

    The Shady I knew did what needed to be done, not because she should but because she had to. Not for herself, but for others. She didn't find it pleasant or fun... She hated it.

    That was what kept her from becoming a monster. She hated the things she had to do... When you start to enjoy the taste of poison, that is when you forget to spit it out.

    I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm "preaching" to you, but I'm sincerely worried.

    Everyone is losing their minds and our enemies are laughing at us because we have become a joke.

    1. Don't worry, Doc. I hate this. I hate everything about it. I hate what I am doing and I hate myself for doing it on top of everything else. This isn't about fun. This is about unbound hatred that I no longer have a means to keep on a leash. Everyone is off doing their own thing, or is dead. If there is a time to act upon it now would be it.

      No. I still hate everything and myself most of all. Such a strong word to use but nonetheless fitting. Advocate can go fuck himself. I'm doing this because Lenore is going to kill more people, because we have a history that needs to be ended. There is just so much, Proctor. So much screaming in her head. I'm going to silence it.

  4. Hehehe... you're amazing, babe. :D We need to get some one on one time soon! Hehehe you're so hot right now.

    1. Or you can have one on one time with yourself, in a car, as you drive it off a cliff. :)

    2. Awww Shady, you're such a little seductress! Hehehe don't tell me you've never thought about spending a little romantic time alone with me. Hehehe ;)

    3. Your definition of "a little romantic time alone" is kidnapping me, tying me to a chair, stealing my blood, and leaving me there. If you want romantic times go to Thuggee, he sure as hell loves making babies. -_-

    4. Silly Shady, that was only the first part of my romantic adventures. Hehehe stay tuned for this weeks episode of "A Chemical Recipe... For Love" hosted by yours truly. ;)

      Guest starring, the ever so charming Shady Lady.

      I'll make sure to pull out all the stops next time. Haha!

    5. And I'll make sure to pull out all my firearms. We'll have a blast! Ha. Get it? Cause I'll shoot you. Ha! I'm a riot. -_-

    6. Ha! How did I ever get along with out you in my life before! <3

      Hehehe who says I'll give you the chance to pull out firearms? Unless of course, you're saying that you can manage to never again drink a liquid or eat food... Hehehe

    7. Sigh. You're not helping your case here by threatening to drug me again, jackass.

    8. Hehe hey, at least I'm stating the facts. I don't have to say anything, really.

      I'm just letting you know how it is, babe ;). Communication is important in any relationship! Hehe

    9. I guess that's the one redeeming quality. Even if you twist words you still state the facts honestly. -_-
      But don't make me laugh about the communication. I say one thing and you do the opposite. Look out guys, we got a real rebel over here!

    10. Haha, baby you can only blame yourself for that. I'd think a bright girl like yourself would have caught on by now that neither you or I are much for "following orders". Its what makes us so lovable.

      Hehehe hey, you just admitted that I'm honest! You know what this means????

      It means, you can trust me. :) So... How about that offer I made ;) You know, dinner and a movie?

    11. It's not about orders, it's about having enough respect to back the hell off at times when told/asked.

      Ughs. NO. I said you're honest with facts. That's it! I'm going to beat you with a frying pan, I swear. -_-

  5. I love you. I.. wish you didn't feel like you were alone in this. Message me, call me, do something. I have a bad feeling about this shit with Lenore.

    Oh, and Advy? Go suck a flaming cheese grater dildo. I hope you die soon, and before you do, you go out in a horribly embarrassing and painful way. Involving Party Potion, blackjack, and hookers. Fuckin' slut, seriously, choke on a knife and die.

    Y'all can't stay out of trouble FOR SHIT.

  6. They'll find you. It's safer for you this way, Dia. Your love is appreciated and returned, but I won't risk them finding you. Everything about Lenore is bad, but that's ok. I'm going to make it go away.

    1. No matter what happens, try to let us know what happens when she's dealt with. I want to know you're safe.

    2. I'm sure you'll know, one way or another.

    3. Hmmmm... do I sense a little hostility, Dia? ;)

    4. All the hostility. What do you care?

    5. Ha! Who said I did.

      You're so vain, you probably think this comment is about you... Hehehehehehehe.